Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Nails at home

 Helllloooo everyone! 

If you know me well, you will notice I always have acrylic nails done at the salon. It's a lazy gals way of keeping nails in check. To tell you the truth, the thought of doing my own press on nails at home, gives me the shivers! I am no were near talented enough to put my own nails on! So when I received a lovely little package from the guys at KISS, I was eager to find out how putting nails on at home, was so quick and easy.

I decided to give the 'acrylic nude french nails' a go, for a night out with my man. The nails came with a tube of glue adhesive, a nail file, a manicure stick and instructions to help you achieve that salon finish look. Each nail has a number on it, with the higher numbers being the smaller nails. The nails also have a small tab on each nail. I first decided to size up my nails and put them in order, to save any rustling around whilst the glue was drying. I then applied a small layer of glue onto the nail and stuck it on, holding the nail by the tab. After a few seconds, the glue was dry and the nail firmly stuck onto my own. I gently pushed the tab down from my nail and it snapped off easily, leaving no sign of any plastic bits on the nails. I can honestly say, they were so easy to apply! 

I love the final look, they really do look like I have been to a salon. I will definitely be reaching for nail home kits in the future! 

*I was sent this product by KISS, all views and opinions are my own
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