Tuesday, 13 September 2016


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Okay so it may be evening to some and morning to others so a big hellooo & thank you for stopping by to read today's post. 

I recently received the new L'Oreal clay face masks, through bzzagent and boy did they not disappoint! As previously mentioned on my blog, I suffer with the worst skin ever! If it's not extremely dry, its full of blemishes. So I couldn't wait to try these masks out! 

Multi-masking is all about using different masks on different parts of your face. There is no rule to multi-masking, we know our own skin best right? 

Lets start with the Detox mask...my favourite The detox mask, is black texture gloop. There is no pretty way to describe it. This mask is enriched with black charcoal which apparently draws out any impurities you may have. Once applied and left to work its magic, the thick, creamy texture works right into your pores helps detoxify your skin. I tend to use this where I have blackheads or quite big pores, to draw anything out of my skin. The scent to this mask is just beautiful, it reminds me or the outdoors and so earthly! 

Then we have the Glow mask which contains Red Algae which helps brighten the skin. his mask is a lot thinner than the Detox. The colour is a beautiful red and the mask if full of fine milled apricot seeds which gives you a good exfoliating to the skin, leaving it glowing. I apply this to my cheek area as I am after a dewy glowy look so hopefully this will help! 

Lastly we have the Purity mask. This mask is full of purifying properties from Eucalyptus extract. Again, this mask is a creamy texture which works deep into your pores. It help matte out your skin and take away that oil look, without your skin drying out. I apply this to areas where I tend to get oily skin, under my nose and forehead. 

 I have been using these masks for about six weeks now and still have a lot left in the jars. The difference in my skin is extraordinary! My face feels so much softer and seems to have a new glow about it! Whenever I have a breakout, I reach for these masks and they never disappoint

I tend to switch up my multi-masking every two weeks but I find this way works best

I had to include this picture as It is as though I am smiling at a college photographer for my pass! haha 

Have you tried multi-masking? 
I'd love to know your thoughts! 

As always, much love...

Hannah Rosalie xox

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