Monday, 4 July 2016

Pretty Muddy 5k

Aloha everyone! 

Well, I must say that I have COMPLETELY neglected my blog once again. Yikes! It's been what, a few months now? What can I say, I have been enjoying life that much I just haven't had the time for social media, anyhow, here I am, back again. 

So this weekend, I participated in Pretty Muddy 5k for Race for Life, Cancer Research. Now if you are not too familiar with this, it is basically a 5k for ladies, with a lot of mud and crazy obstacles! Sounds fun right? RIGHT! It was amazing!! 

So back in December I think it was, I rounded up a group of friends from work and entered the race. Now, I am not one for runs whatsoever but for some reason, a run with muddy obstacles was right up my street! Did I train for not really, should I of? Maybe a little! However! I ended up completing the run in 45 minutes, whilst giggling my head off. Not bad for my first go right? So I thought to start up my blog again, it need a good news post. I have included a ton of pictures so you guys can have a right giggle! So go grab a cuppa and have a giggle! 

So all in all, I managed to raise £410 and I am so so proud! If you wanna check out my just giving page, click here!

Well guys, a shot but sweet post and I promise I will make time to blog again, I miss it so much! 

Love always, 

Hannah Rosalie 

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