Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Battling insecurities

Hey guys! 

This week, I have been thinking a lot on how we can be very insecure within ourselves. Insecurity can sometimes take over our lives, I know in some situations it does me too! The more I have been observing this week, the more shocked I have become, in how we constantly put ourselves down! In the past few days alone, I have heard girls talk about how they 'need' to loose weight to feel pretty, they 'can't leave the house without makeup', the list goes on! We constantly feel the need, to not feel good enough, or not feel pretty enough, we feel too fat or too thin, too small, too tall! We never give ourselves the credit we deserve. For every negative thought we think about ourselves, there is always someone else out there wishing they 'looked like you' or 'have the confidence you have', however at the time, all we can see is the negative. 

Today I decided to look at myself a little differently. I wrote a list about all the qualities I like about myself. I wrote down everything I have achieved and all the points in life I am proud of completing. I then wrote a list of negative points, that I criticise myself about daily. I sat down and compared the two. On reading, the positive list outshone the negative by miles! It was actually quite lovely to see the things I really like about myself and to feel proud on what I have accomplished. 

For anyone else feeling insecure at times, I challenge you to do the same! Embrace all the lovely points you have about yourself. I promise you that there is someone out there wishing they could be just like you. So instead of us feeling down about ourselves, lets celebrate how amazing and unique we are! 

Hannah Rosalie 

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