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Finally! A Hillary’s workshop I could actually go to! Wahoo!
I have wanted to go to a workshop with Hilary’s for soooooo long but never been able to due to work commitments, so when a date came available where I could make it, I jumped at the chance! Oh and brought my sister along in tow!

The workshop was based at Ziferblat, Manchester, which is now one of my favourite places to go! Basically, everything inside Ziferblat is free. Free? YEP! All you have to do is pay for the time you are there. So for instance 1 minute is 6p, so an hour at Ziferblat is £3.60! Inside, is like a secret hide out. There is fridges, cupboards, tables, all set out with food! You can eat as much cake, cereal, toast as you like, while accompanying it with endless cups of infused water, lattes, tea and juices! An added bonus is that even the WIFI is completely free! Whether you have kids in tow, or just fancy and outing with friends, I swear, this is the place for you!

On our arrival, Natasha from Joe Bloggs, gave us a tour of Ziferblat and answered any of our questions. We were shown to the room we would be crafting away at and it was adorable! It was basically an old school class room, super cute! 

Jana from The Crafy Hen was taking the workshop and her sense of humour was on top form! She had us cracking up! During our crafternoon, we were introduced to Hillary’s blinds and there new collection, which is based around sapphire, ruby, amber and jade. The colour schemes where absolutely beautiful! I forgot to take a picture of the mood board-slap on my wrist. 

The first project was to make a jewelry box. The tables where filled with boxes, materials, ribbons, buttons, basically lots of super cute crafty materials. On picking out materials for decorating our box, we followed simple step instructions to bring it all together. Jana was on hand to help those out who needed it (ahem myself).

We then had a small tea and cake break and it was nice to catch up with the other ladies at the workshop. I was sat by Vintage Folly, who I have actually been reading her blog previous to the workshop! If you haven’t heard of Rachel, her blog is definitely worth a read, oh and she has a youtube channel!

The second craft of the day was to make a Suffolk Puff, Yeah…funny kinda name right?
I found this craft to be a little easier to make. You had the option to make your puff into headbands, necklaces, keyrings, etc.
Everyone’s final pieces turned out absolutely beautiful! 

Michelle's Suffolk Puff hair piece 
As the workshop came to an end, we were stuffed from food and drink and worn out from crafts. We received a super cute tote bag that the guys from Hillary’s had made us, filled with a jewelry making kit, a ringpop and a magazine filled with products from Hillary’s Blinds.

Thank you so much to Hillary’s, The Crafty Hen and Joe Bloggs for inviting me. I had the sweetest afternoon ever! 

Have you made any crafts lately? 

Hannah Rosalie 
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