Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Reiki with Buddha Therapies

Be calm, stay calm.

I don't know if any of you are familiar with Reiki, I wasn't until a month or so ago.

Reiki is a beautiful gentle, yet very powerful form of healing. It is an ancient Japanese art of natural energy healing rediscovered in the early 20th century by Dr Mikao Usui.

As a person, I am all over the place. From suffering from depression and anxiety from a very young school age, I don't think I have ever felt like 'I'm gonna be okay'. Lately I have been grasping at straws to get rid of my anxiety, as I could feel it building up again. On mentioning this to one of my therapists at Buddha Therapies, she recommended I try Reiki. On hearing about it, I booked in straight away. I had heard little bits and bobs about Reiki but experiencing it's magic, is simply beautiful. 

The first time I went to Reiki, I met Sandra, who would be giving me the treatment. (Treatment? I'm not sure if I have used the right word there but you get my drift). Sandra instantly made me feel so relaxed. She is one of the most loveliest, calm people to be around. She explained how Reiki works and before I knew it, I was lying down in a beautiful treatment room about to start. 
This It was the only time in MONTHS that I had felt like I let myself breathe! Stones/crystals where soon placed on my Chakra's of my body and then the healing started. 
The healing lasted for approximately an hour, I could of lay there all day. 

Afterwards Sandra spoke about what I need to work on as a person and how to personally grow. There was a lot more Sandra told me and we talked about, however I found that it was quite personal, so would like to keep this to myself. I was also given some experiences and advised to start meditation. 

Four weeks later, I went for my second treatment. Since my first, I have felt a lot calmer and relaxed as a person, practicing mindfulness as I wake up and go to sleep and concentrating on breathing more. In this healing, Sandra could tell that I have been working on my personal growth and we talked about how to over-see different things I was struggling with. My overall balance was in perfect harmony which I was delighted with because I am trying so hard but without pushing myself. 

Even though I have only had two treatments to date, I would recommend this to anyone. I feel so much more in touch with my mind and I'm really connecting with my body as a whole. If you are feeling like you are holding some stress or need some healing as a person, please try Reiki!

Buddha Therapies is based in Liverpool and to find out more, click here

Have you ever experienced Reiki?
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