Sunday, 6 September 2015

Rain Rain go away- Barbour wellington boots

Rain, rain go away, come again another day!

Hi guys!

It's FINALLY Autumn! Okay, so we have two more weeks to go but I can not contain my excitement! I am so much more of a 'Autumn/Winter' person, rather than a lover of the warmer months. I also feel like I dress a hell of a lot better too! From cosy knits to super cute boots, I love it all! 
As the rain has been setting in, I have been searching for a classic pair of wellingtons, to see me through the up and coming months. I didn't really want your average superstore pair, which would last a season and then start leaking. I wanted a pair that would be effortlessly chic and that I could team up with a pair of jeans without looking like I should be on a farm. 

I searched high and low and just couldn't find a pair that I thought 'wow!' Until I found these babies! 

Navy Short Wellingtons by Barbour

Finally! A pair of wellingtons that are classic, will go with everything I wear but extremely comfortable too! I am always hesitant about wearing new footwear for an outing but I just couldn't resist taking these for a long walk in the woodlands. They felt so soft and cushioned when I was walking, even after a few hours. I didn't get that 'new shoe' burn or the rubs that I usually would get with others. I actually felt like I had a little spring in my step! 

With them being navy, It is so easy to team them up with different outfits!

Have you got your winter footwear yet?

Hannah Rosalie 

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