Friday, 7 August 2015

Dealing with Chronic Pain week 1

Hey guys! 

So for the past week (and the next six weeks) I have been attending 4 days a week in a pain management programme at The Walton Neuro
Image taken from The Walton Centre 
 As you guys know, I have suffered with chronic pain since my boat accident. So, this course is all about how to still live your life whilst having chronic pain. 

 So on walking into the 'common room' on the first day, my heart was literally beating sooooo fast! I could feel my eyes welling up and I could feel a panic attack come on. I took a seat away from everyone else then a nice lady shouted me to the desk. The common room is actually run by volunteers who have been on the course, which is mega sweet. I signed in, they gave me a land yard with ID on, took my lunch order and showed me to the lockers, before filling me up full of tea. There was quite a lot of people in there on my arrival so it was slightly overwhelming. Any hows, I was soon called through to a room with five other people in ranging from 21-27 years old, all suffering with chronic pain. We had an introduction to the course and got to know each other a little. I can honestly say, I felt like I had knew these girls my whole life! Each one of them knew not to ask 'are you okay?' if someone was up and down from the chair or someones leg was twitching so bad it was making noise. We all gelled instantly. The rest of the week consisted of classed in mindfulness, which was amazing, sessions talking about how it feels living with pain and still trying to make the most of life. We also got back into the gym! This was so exciting for me as I used to be really fit and since having steroid injections have put so much weight on, nightmare! I actually realised that it wasn't by back stopping me from exercising but the fear in my head in case 'what if'. 

Today I woke up aching like I don't know what and think it may be a bed day but instead of dwelling, all I can think of is how proud I am of attending this course! 

Have you ever attending a pain programme for chronic pain? 

Take care guys!

Hannah Rosalie 
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