Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Thankyou for the light...

I don’t think this is an everyday blog post, that people would want to read first hand but I felt like I had to write it.

Recently, I lost a friend of mine to an illness. Quite frankly, it sent me into shock. I still cannot believe it is real.

Death is an awful, awful stage in life, for the loved ones who have lost/loosing somebody. The emotions we feel, can range from sadness to anger. How do you cope after losing somebody? I for one have no idea. All’s I know that it fills you with guilt and regret. Guilty for the fact that you couldn’t heal/save the person. Regret that you didn’t send those ‘how are you doing’, ‘let’s hang out’ texts. The list goes on. We could feel all these horrible emotions for the rest of our lives however I have actually seen a different approach to loosing somebody, from my good friend Jackie.

In the car home from our friend’s funeral, I broke down. I got so upset thinking what if I lose one of my family members. I just do not know what I would do. Jackie made me realise that we should think of the funeral, as a celebration of the person’s life. She is totally right! We spent the car journey talking out memories of our friend and we ended up laughing at some of them.

The people we lose to death are not gone forever. They live on through their spirit, in our hearts.

If you have lost somebody recently or in the past, talk to somebody about them! It can take a lot of courage to talk, as most would rather bottle these emotions up, I know I did! Does it get easier? I asked my Mum if you ever get over loosing somebody. (My Mum lost both parents by the time she was 13 years old). She said you never get over somebody’s death, you learn to live with it.

I have decided to live my life to the full and not just exist anymore! Say yes to new adventures, tell those I care about I love them, and smile at a stranger! We all have our own issues/illness’/problems, but the littlest thing can easily change somebody’s day!

Rest in peace my dear friend

Frances Cassandra…
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