Sunday, 21 June 2015

Run or Dye, with ZEO

Hey everyone!! 

I was recently contacted by the fabulous people at Zeo, to ask if I was interested in participating in Run or Dye-Liverpool! Of course I jumped at the chance! It worked out that it was the date of Chris' Birthday too! So what more would he want for his birthday than running round a race track getting covered in brightly coloured dye..right? Well he LOVED the idea of it! We teamed up with my bestie Jax and her partner Ryan.

The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and people had already started covering themselves in brightly colours dye powder. The music was getting everyone in the mood for a good fun run! Now I must admit, I SUCK at running but the idea of the 5k is to do it however you like! From running to skipping, to dancing like a loon!

We had SO much fun! Oh and of course got pretty colourful! 
At the finish line, we headed straight over to the Zeo tent and couldn't wait to try the amazing flavours! 


Zeo describes their drinks...

'At zeo, we make lightly carbonated soft drinks by  blending natural fruits and botanical extracts with spring water. Even our bright, beautiful colours are delivered entirely by nature.

Zeo gives you a crisp and refreshing taste experience.

We sweeten our drinks naturally with South American Stevia and just a touch of quality beet and cane sugars, so each 275ml bottle is less than 30 calories.
Our flavours are produced in small batches to ensure our quality'I could not agree more! 

There are six flavours to choose from and include; peach and grapefruit, zesty lime, mixed berry and blood orange & citrus. With each bottle being less than 30 calories and so refreshing, who can resist! 

If you are yet to try Zeo, get to the store! The most refreshing drink I have tasted to date!
Hannah Rosalie 
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