Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My first Zumba session!

Hi guys! 

Today I went to my first ZUMBA session! 
I have been to Zumba before (ahem a year or two ago) however had never been to the session and gym that this class was being held at. The class was on from 1:30 until 2:30, so as soon as I got up, I changed into my workout clothes so I was motivated to go. I will admit, my anxiety took over on the drive there but I fought it off and imagined the healthy me in the long run. 
On arrival I couldn't find the hall and I was wandering aimlessly around. But before long I found it! There was five other ladies of all shapes and ability already there and Helen the instructor. I was made to feel instantly welcome! I told Helen what my goal was and about my spine. She was so welcoming and explained that this would be the perfect class to get me started! 

I found a nice empty space wayyyyyy at the back of the hall and then we started! Zumba was a mix of current and cultural songs with a zesty beat! Helen made it super fun by screeching and singing along to the music. Before I knew it, I was also singing and booty wiggling like everyone else! Oh my did it work up a sweat! However, I was having fun! Exercising and having fun? Who'd have thought! I managed the whole hour, only having water breaks the same time as everyone else! I was so proud! 

At the end of the session, I started chatting to Helen and a few of the girls and they told me about all these different sessions such as a Running Club which starts tomorrow. And do you know what? I am going! I feel as though I have come away from this exercise class stronger, sweatier of course but full of laughter and new friends! Now, if you read my previous post about running, you know I am awful but t be quite honest I don't care! As long as I am giving it ago, that's all that matters!!

Do you go to any exercise classes? 

Hannah Rosalie 
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