Wednesday, 31 December 2014

O v e r T h i n k i n g .

Overthinking ruins you

My life is ruled by over thinking.
From the moment I wake up of a morning, I am constantly thinking of scenarios that may happen that day. From the littlest things such as getting on the scale and if I have lost weight I can go out for dinner today to jumping to I can't order a burger because the waiter and other diners will be thinking 'oh you fat cow'.
Crazy right? WRONG!

There must be over 200 people in my support group that I talk with daily. Each and every person and other people that they know, over think.
Now I am totally not saying this happens to EVERYONE, however what I am saying is that it is more common than we may think.

By talking through to my therapist, my personal over thinking creates problems in my head that where neither there or never going to be there. Get it?
Okay, so let me explain.
Today I created a scenario in my head. 

'So I am starting my job in two weeks and I have gained sooo much weight, due to medication and over indulging I need to be so good on my diet until then because no one will take me serious with the weight that I am at now. So I HAVE to loose weight. Oh my goodness, what if I don't loose weight, no one will want to talk to me. Everyone will be looking what I am eating or snacking on constantly. Oh my goodness Oh my goodness.'

In the space of a minute or so in my head, I have created this HUGE problem that isn't a problem. Why would people be watching me eat? And WHY would people not want to talk to me if I don't loose a few pounds? I have a huge headache, my anxiety has started up and I am spending the day on a negative.

Although this is a simple little 'oh Hannah you are being ridiculous'. To me and at the time it ruined my day, I hated myself for over indulging, I wanted to cancel plans with friends because I felt fat so I should not be able to enjoy myself.

Today I have come up with my top tip to getting through 'over thinking' and I will try and stick to it because over thinking sucks!

Top tip- Live in the present. Not the past, nor the future. Live in the present.


much love

Hannah Rosalie
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