Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Hola, Hello, Hi.

Heyyyy guys! 

Apologies Apologies. 
AGAIN I have been away from social media for three months... 
facebook, twitter, email, blogging

To be honest, I just have not had the time/interest at all. 
It has also done me the world of good!
I have been suffering with my anxiety a lot. It has been awful. It went so far, that I kept thinking of scenarios in my head. Yesterday, on the way home from work. I kept thinking somebody was going to open my car door and throw acid in my face. Yep. Crazy right? So today I bought water and a flannel to keep in my car just in case. I don't know what has brought this all on, but it HAS to stop.

I have spent the past hour catching up with emails, notifications, messegas and I realise blogging is somethign I love so much and miss, that I am going to write again. I can't promise how regular it will be. However I'm back; and that's a start.


Hannah Rosalie 


  1. Aw! :( I can completely empathise with how you're feeling. I am quitean anxious/stressy person and it really flares up sometimes (if I'm tired/stressed out, or having my time of the month.) I talk it out with somebody I trust so I can rationalise it all. Doing things to make me feel comfortable managing how I feel helps (usually writing things down,) and distractions ALWAYS help. I really hope you feel better soon!

    Come back to blogging when you feel ready. Your blog is your baby and you know when you feel inspired to write. It should never be forced because you feel "obliged" to post. Work to a timeline and schedule that suits you.



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