Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Hola, Hello, Hi.

Heyyyy guys! 

Apologies Apologies. 
AGAIN I have been away from social media for three months... 
facebook, twitter, email, blogging

To be honest, I just have not had the time/interest at all. 
It has also done me the world of good!
I have been suffering with my anxiety a lot. It has been awful. It went so far, that I kept thinking of scenarios in my head. Yesterday, on the way home from work. I kept thinking somebody was going to open my car door and throw acid in my face. Yep. Crazy right? So today I bought water and a flannel to keep in my car just in case. I don't know what has brought this all on, but it HAS to stop.

I have spent the past hour catching up with emails, notifications, messegas and I realise blogging is somethign I love so much and miss, that I am going to write again. I can't promise how regular it will be. However I'm back; and that's a start.


Hannah Rosalie 
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