Friday, 4 July 2014

Bucket List Results

Well Hi guys!
Long time no speak/see/talk/chat?
Is that what you say?
It has been yet another month! Yes a month, since I last blogged!
Whats been going on, okay, so. I have been mega bust with work, health appointments, steroid injections into my spine and an amazing social life!
I literally haven't had time to blog!
So I have made a promise to myself that I am going to blog at least once a week. 

Okay, so.
Bucket List Results!
In my last post, I wrote about June's bucket list and to be honest, I done pretty well. 

1.Try and come off all medication I am currently on. 
Ugh. Okay. So I am still on steroid injections for my back and morphine for pain, so didn't quite complete this one.
2. Loose at least 6lbs.
I lost 3lbs! Yayyyy! This has been a tough one as I am such a big foodie! However I go to Spain at the end of this month so I am so determined to loose a little more this month. 

3. Say YES to more opportunity's. 
Oh My Goodness. So this is kind of why I have not been around. I have been going out to different places, seeing my friends more and doing so much over time! I feel so much happier and as though I am living life again!
4. Move more. 
I have been attempting more exercise! Which I again feel much more healthier!
5. Put myself first.
Meh. Okay, so I have not really done this haha. I am much more a giver than a receiver! I will work on this one more in July!

So there we have it. My bucket list results.
Would I do this again? Maybe! But not a monthly thing!

Hannah Rosalie


  1. Nice blog!
    I need to say yes to more things!Xx


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