Friday, 6 June 2014

Bucket List! It


It's a bushy eyebrow and pink lip kind of day!

Well heyyyyyyy guyssss!

What is a 'bucket list'?
A wish list we never get to achieve? 
A list of things we long for? 
A list that we hope to achieve but never do?

I have always been sceptical of bucket lists. The idea of writing things down that I don't know If I will ever achieve is kind of, well, scary! It makes me feel quite anxious if I am completely honest! Putting all my hopes and dreams onto a list and hoping that I get through them! 
Today, I am going to create my bucket list. A list of 5 things I am going to try and achieve by July.
Here goes:

1. Try and come off all medication I am currently on.
2. Loose at least 6lbs.
3. Say YES to more opportunity's. 
4. Move more. 
5. Put myself first. 

Short and sweet.
A list of different things I would like to achieve personally.

Have you got a Bucket List?

Don't forget to keep up to date with my blog! I will be filling you in at the start of July to how I have got on!

H x

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