Monday, 2 June 2014

A French Kiss by LUSH

Hi Dolls! 

A French Kiss by LUSH 

This little lovely has been lying in my bath section for so long! Today I am having a lazy/pamper/pyjama day, so I thought it would be the perfect start to my day! 
Now, with the ingredients of Lavender, this is mostly used by people at nighttime, to help them sleep. However, I am starting my morning off with it, for a more relaxed take on today. 

The Bubble Bar is adorable. The lilac, white and shimmer work great together, especially swirled together! The swirl makes the bar look relaxing and ever so romantic. It reminds me of a Hershey's kiss a little! 

The scent is to die for, lavender being the main ingredient. Now, I am a sucker for Lavender. I have it in my bath, on my pillows, in my perfume, you name it, it's in it! 

Usually, I would break the bubble bar up into quarters, however I wanted to treat myself and I went the whole hog and used it all and boy am I glad I did! I started the bath off with running water. As the water got to roughly a quarter of the bath, I broke the Kiss in half and started crumbling under the flow of the tap. (Tip-Put the cold tap on as you do this, as by experience, you WILL burn yourself.) 
Straight away the bubbles started forming, sending out the sweetest Lavender scent. BLISS! I continued to do this until the Kiss had disappeared. I left the tap on until the bath was full. 

On this occasion, I actually closed the bathroom door to keep the steam in and so the scent would circulate in the room. When I entered the bathroom to bath, I was hit by Lavender scented steam and bubbles, it really did feel like the perfect SPA setting! The bath water had a hint of lilac and white in, with a tiny shimmer. So romantically pretty.
The Kiss made my skin feel the softest/silkiest it has in a long time! So much to say I didn't need any body lotion on for afterwards!
Lush says that this Kiss is great for sore/burnt skin. I totally agree! My skin isn't the best, I am constantly covered in dry skin, eczema and blemishes. So this was a huge selling point to me. 

Overall, this has got to be one of the best bubble bar's I have bought to date. From the style and scent to the overall feel, I would buy this over and over! 

If you are wanting a pamper night/morning, have A French Kiss!
£4.25 per Kiss

xoxo H 
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