Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Miss Sporty Lasting Colour Nail Polish in 'Its Too Latte'

A hugeee HELLOOOO to all my lovely readers! 

Today I am writing a little review on 'Its Too Latte by Miss Sporty!

I was recently in Boots and was after a nudeish colour for my nails! I am so into the 'nude' look lately. I think its effortlessly chic and such a classic look. Now, with nail colours, I get bored so easily and usually have the colour on for a day before changing! So, I didn't want to spend that much on this colour. I headed to the Miss Sporty section to see if they had any cute 'nudish' colours when I spotted this! Exactly the colour I was after! Not too dark or light, just right! For just £1.99, I just had to have it! 

The bottle fits easy enough into the palm of my hand and the brush is chunky and thick, just what I prefer! I started with a clear base coat by Barry M to start with, just giving my nails that added protection! 

After one layer, I was slightly unsure, I could see there was a little colour there, but not as dark as I was quite translucent. 

Okay so I applied the second layer and I can now start seeing brush strokes. I tried a little more/less on my brush and still got them. The colour was standing out a little more. 

The third and final layer was applied. I was so disappointed. The brush strokes got worse and the polish look ever so streaky. I found that the colour when applied was more of a peachy/orange colour? 

Would I purchase this polish again? Um, if I am honest no. Hey, hey, I know it was mega cheap, but I expected it to be slightly better than how it came out!
Have you tried nail colour from Miss Sporty? How did you find it?

Lots of love!
H xox

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