Wednesday, 9 April 2014

spring lip colours

Hi lovies!

So it's finally SPRING! My favourite season.
Since I was little, I have always loved Spring, especially because of Easter! I love the colours, the flowers and the general happiness that this season brings!

For my post today, I am going to be showcasing my favourite Spring lip colour, that I just can't get enough of. 
Glamorous Lipstick by LUSH

(Image taken from LUSH to show the colour swatch on different skin types)

I am obsessed with anything from LUSH, anything to smell and feel amazing I am there! So I was delighted when I received one of these in my goodybag from the North West Bloggers event, in Liverpool. 
I will admit, whenever I have been into store to look at the make-up I have throught it was slightly expensive but now I would buy make-up over and over again from there! 

'Glamorous' is a bubblegum lip colour, that you can build up on, from baby pink to wild neon! It comes in the cutest bottle ever which is very stable! (I have dropped this so many times and it hasn't smashed....yet). I am not really a pink person when it comes to lips however I love the flexibility of this colour! It really is the perfect match for any outfit. I have been wearing this throughout my week to test how long the colour lasts for before fading. Today I wore 'Glamorous' for a shopping trip and dinner, I applied it at 9am and the colour was still there until 3pm, after plenty of coffee too! Okay, so it wasn't as bright as I applied it however the colour was still perfect! LUSH liquid lipsticks have jojoba oil, rose waxes and candelilla. With these ingredients, they carry the pigments longer and keep you lips moisturised. 



If you want to add any pop of colour to your spring outfit, get yourself to LUSH and ask for 'Glamorous'!!
Have you ever wore lipsticks from LUSH? Or tried their makeup range? Let me know! 

Much Love

Hannah Rosalie 

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