Saturday, 12 April 2014

Eye contouring Gel

Hi guys! 

Today I am writing about a lovely Eye Contouring Gel I received from my lovely friend Suzie. 

(Image taken from Xenca)

I have been after an eye cream for so long. With my four jobs and hectic social life, I find my eyes are always puffy and dark, not a good look for no one! I sent a tweet out to see if any of you guys have been using eye creams and how you have all found them to work. Suzie got in touch and wanted me to try her brands eye gel so of course I jumped at the chance! 

The gel is described on the website as: 

'Non-greasy and easily absorbed, this gel is formulated to relax, tone, cool and soothe the delicate skin around the eyes without clogging pores. The combination of aloe vera gel, witch hazel, rose flower water and extracts of comfrey and cucumber alleviates fine lines and signs of tiredness, leaving eyes looking and feeling refreshed'

Aqua, Rose flower water, Aloe vera gel, Witch hazel, Allantoin (Comfrey extract), Cucumber extract.

Eye Contouring Gel comes in the cutest handbag, travel size which is perfect to throw in your handbag or in your overnight bag when travelling! Ingredients, directions and description are printed on the side which is handy if you lending some to friends! I also love the fact that is has a 12 months usage life! 

I use this gel of a nighttime as my full routine, it being the last product I apply to my face. The gel is clear and quite thick and trust me, a little goes a lonnggggg way! Which is great in my books! I take a small amount and pat it on under my eyes and around, trying not to drag my skin. The eye gel sinks into the skin straight away and leaves a smooth, non-sticky feel. There is no over powering scents or greasiness like other eye creams I have read about. The morning after I applied the gel, I could really see a difference! My eyes looked less puffy, dark and more awake! 

Now I tend to just apply this product on of a night time, however if I need a little pick me up of a morning, I apply half the amount I do at night. You don't have to worry about makeup coverage as your makeup will blend together nicely and not stick to the product. 

With my super sensitive skin, it it quite hard to find eye gels that don't irritate my skin or that I don't react too. However I just got great results with this one! 

I am totally going to purchace more of this product when this one runs out! 

Eye Contouring Gel- £19.96 for 30ml 

Have you tried any products by Xenca? Or any other eye creams? 
I would LOVE to give your posts a read! 

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