Saturday, 5 April 2014

Andrew Collinge Exclusive Bloggers Night

Hi Dollies!

Tonight I was extremely lucky to be one of five bloggers attending the Andrew Collinge Exclusive Event, at Liverpool's Graduate Salon on Bold Street. I was invited to this event a while back and have been so excited ever since! 
Before the event started, I met up with Laura, Jade and Helena and it was great to catch up as I hadn't seen them in a while. A little while later, we met the beaut Samantha at the salon. Walking through the door of the salon, I felt far too under-dressed! The salon had amazing tall ceilings and huge windows, instantly screaming glamour! The decor was ever so chic, not too busy and just enough to give that amazing high end salon feel!

We where greeted at the door by Andrew himself, who is the most polite gentleman! Andrew took our coats and gave us a glass of bubbly, making us feel at home. He then went on to tell us about the history of the salon and brand and a little bit of his own background. I must admit, I was slightly starstruck as I love his work! Andrew not only let us into his background but was really interested in what we all done for a living and in our free time, which I thought was lovely. 
We where each seated and given the option of a cut and blow dry! How AMAZING is that! We couldn't believe our luck.

The stylist chosen for me was called Chris, who actually works in the Castle Street Salon. Chris made me feel instantly welcome, giving me a consultation on how I would like my hair. I loveeee wearing my hair big and volumized, so I tried to explain this in the best way I could by going all around the world haha. Chris got my drift and soon enough I was at the hair sink getting my hair washed. I also got an amazzzzzzingggg head massage, seriously girls, it was amazing. 
Chris decided that the product to use on my locks was TIGI BED HEAD TOTALLY BAKED VOLUMIZING & PREPPING HAIR MERINGUE. I must say, it smelt delicious! Throughout my hair being styled, Chris was telling me how too look after my hair and what products to use. I felt completely at ease throughout the whole process. Andrew and the rest of the stylists came round to chat and get to know us all as bloggers, which was really sweet.

As my hair was coming to an end, the fabulous Andrew Collinge came over to show Chris a new way of setting hair, using me ad the model. Oh my gosh. My heart skipped a beat. I am so glad my lovely friends got some snaps of him working his magic on my hair eeekk!!! 

When my hair was finished, it was amazing!!! My hair was the biggest I have EVER seen it and I was in love! Jade made me howl saying 'Cindy Crawford eat your heat out!!'
The rest of the night we where taking sillie selfies with staff, and getting our hair photographs took and generally getting to know more information on the salon. 

At the end of the event we where given a HUGE goody bag, packed to the brim with TIGI products, which I can not wait to try out! 

I want to thank Andrew, Chris and the team for such a fun night! I can't wait to visit the salon again!

Have you ever been to Andrew Collinge? 

Much Love
Hannah Rosalie


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