Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sikkim Girls

Sikkim Girls

Beautifully Perfumed Body Cream by LUSH
£25 for 100g

Hi guys!
So today I am blogging about a body cream I bought in January from LUSH. 
So like any other LUSH lover, I was one of the first in line, for their Boxing Day Sales.
I had my game face on and a plan in mind. Straight in for the gift sets and bath bombs & BOY did I go hard!
My basket was over flowing and I had my Momma in tow with another!
After I had shopped for the usual suspects, (snow fairy) I headed over to the Body Cream section and noticed Sikkim Girls. Now, I must admit, the price slate next to it stated 2.50 so I was instantly drawn to it as it was such a bargain, so I threw it in the basket, without event looking was it was. OOPS!
When I got home, I noticed that it wasn't 2.50, however 12.50. THEN I was kicking myself. Oh my gawwwddddd I have spent so much money on something I don't know anything about! 

Lush describes Sikim Girls as:
'This beautifully perfumed body cream is one of our first preservative free body lotions. It’s scented with our Gorilla perfume of the same name which was inspired by the Sikkim girls – women so alluring and mysterious that they can seduce a man with just the subtle sway of their hips'

Since that day, it has been thrown to the back of my draw and never to be seen, until I had a major organise last week!
Now, I suffer bad with sensitive skin and eczema, so when I finally tried this product, I was slightly hesitant as it is perfumed and that usually flares my skin up.
The consistency of this product is mega thick, however I kinda like that!
You really have to apply quite a lot to your skin, to cover yourself to a good amount.

Sikkim Girls, leaves your skin so smooth and dewy, and also has a lovely glow which lasts for a good few hours. The scent is quite overpowering when you smell the tub, however when it is on your skin, it is just enough scent! About the scent.... I can NOT in the life of me describe what this scent is. If I was to use one word for it, it would be 'seductive'. If you want this scent as an all over fragrance, you can buy this in LUSH as a fragrance.
I used this product, every other day for two weeks and the results are just amazing. I usually have really rough dry elbows and knees, however from using this cream, my skin has gone ever so soft and hydrated!
Okay, so this cream would have been 25.00GBP and to be honest, I would not buy it for that price but I would however by it for the sale price of 12.50GBP. 

Have you tried Sikkim Girls?
I would LOVE to hear what you think!




  1. Wowzer that is expensive, but I do like to invest in a nice cream and sales are perfect xxx

    1. I know right! However totes worth the money!
      H x


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