Monday, 3 March 2014

Mothers Day Cake-By Baker Days

Happy Monday!! 

Its nearly that time of year again...MOTHERS DAY! 

Weather you are buying for a  Momma, Aunt, Grand-Mom, Nanna, or even yourself, this is the treat for you! 
Baker Days presents Mothers Day!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of receiving a Mothers Day Letter Box cake for my beautiful Momma! 

It came straight through the letterbox! Yep! You read that right! Through the letter box! When I first read about Letter Box cakes, I really thought that they would get squissshhhheddd in the post...but nope! 
Straight from my letterbox, a little white box arrived. Once opened there was a gorgeous round tin with 'just for you' written on it, too cute. There was also a little floral card with a personalised message in it and a little pack of love hearts!

 I got to choose a photograph of my Momma to put on the cake and me being me, picked the one I knewwwwww she would be mortified/shocked/hysterical at! 
Da Daaaahhhhhhh

The cake itself was just the right size for a nice little treat! 
As we cut into the cake, I was soooo delighted that the sponge was chocolate! (You can choose from other flavours). 
The sponge was moist, sweet and just right! With it being chocolate I thought it might have been to heavy with the icing, but Bake Days have got their recipe to a T! 

My Momma loved her Letter Box Cake!
She said it was the perfect yummy treat to have with a cup of tea!

Would I purchase this? YES! 
From the different designs, photo uploads, flavours and sizes, it would make the perfect treat for and Lady on Mothering Sunday. 

You can purchase this here 

Hannah Rosalie
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