Sunday, 9 March 2014

Make-up counters.

Hiiiiiiii Lovey's! 

Today I am going to be talking about make-up counters/stores/shops. 

Now, I'm not sure about anyone else, however when I approach a make-up counter, I usually get DIVED on within seconds. Okay, so we all know that make-up artists have to meet sales targets right? But is being like a lonely fish in the big deep sea and having a HUGE shark swim right up to you in seconds really necessary? 

Last week, I was meeting friends in town and typical me, had arrived wayyyy to early. (I hate being late). So I decided that I would pop into my local Department Store and have a mooch around the make-up counters. I headed towards Bobbi Brown, as I have heard SO much about their make-up and never tried it! Within five seconds I was asked if I was okay and within a minute, I found myself sat in the make-up chair. (I do not know how it happened, but hey ho) The MUA asked me what I usually like to use, how my skin is, the usual beauty questions and before I knew it, she was taking my make-up off (that I'd spent at least a good thirty minutes on!) 
'Why didn't you just say no', you may ask. In these types of situations, I find myself panicky and too hard to say no. 

The MUA was lovely, made me feel quite special and yarda yarda, however really pushed me into buying items! (Again, I found it so HARD to say no thank you. I explained that my skin is VERY sensitive and I suffer from dermatitis, so maybe if she had a sample of what she was using, I could go away and test it. The MUA told me that lots of ladies with sensitive skin use this make-up and they don't DO samples. 
Another few minutes later, I was at the till, handing over my bank card, to pay for £98.00 worth of make-up... A million excuses where going through my head to just run, run, run! However I bought the make-up! I didn't even really like/want it in the first place, aghh!! 
So I met my friends and few hours later, went home and done my usually night time, face routine. As soon as I looked in the mirror, I knew something was not right. The top of my lip was burnt and red, my skin looked stretched, if that makes sense. All under my eyes where rough and dry and I now have a HUGE patch of dermatitis on the left side of my face, just under my jaw line. My face was also red and patchy. Aghhhh nightmare! I was cursing at myself because I just couldn't say NO! 

The next morning, I rang the counter and explained about my reaction and the MUA I spoke to was lovely and very understanding. She told me to bring in the make-up and I would get a full refund. Great...I thought.

So, off I popped (with my Momma for back-up) and politely waited my turn in the cue. Again, I was approached by a MUA, roughly 8 years younger than me, asking if I have been served. I explained my situation and that I had spoke to someone on the phone. She snatched the goods off me and huffed and puffed and started to proceed the refund. I felt myself looking at the floor and embarrassed, (WHY DID I FEEL LIKE THIS?) The MUA kept trying to convince me to keep the lipstick and gloss and I explained about my burnt lip and she just stared at me. This is where my altar ego must have kicked in. I stared right back, stood my ground and told her NO, I don't want to keep anything, I want a full refund. Her attitude soon changed, proceeding ever so politely and wishing me a nice day. 

I have found not only this make-up counter, but a few around the city, very intimidating. Come on girls, we all LOVE make-up and share the same interest, shouldn't we all just share our love for make-up? 

Have you ever been intimidated by a make-up counter?

Hannah Rosalie x
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