Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lelli Kelly for teens.

Hola Chica's!!

Today I have a cute, fresh, Spring post for you!
My gorgeous, new, Lelli Kelly's!

Okay, so since Lelli Kelly's first came out in Liverpool a number of years ago, I think EVERY little girl had a pair! My nieces included. They had the boots, shoes, pumps, sandals, anything with the 'Lelli Kelly' logo and statement cuteness, they where all over it! I eventually found myself eyeing them up wishing I could have a pair but unfortunately they didn't stock teen/adult sizes...

Fear not my friends!!!! Lelli Kelly have NOW brought out a teen/adult range! (Available in stores April 2014)I know right!?! I could not believe it when I found out! 

So me being me HAD to have them. I done a lot of research on where to get a pair and got talking to the lovely LEE from Lelli Kelly. In such kind generosity, she kindly sent me a pair, from the new range! Can you imagine how excited I was? & how jealous my nieces where mwahahaha. 

When they arrived, they came in the cutest little box with an elephant on! Adorable! The sneakers themselves are just too cute! To look at, it really is 'Spring', but in footwear. The sole of the shoe is a lovely candy pink colour and quite chunky, which I like so they are durable. The material base is white to tone the patterns down. All over the sneakers, are pictures made up of bright colours and beads! How on earth they manages this I don't know, because the detail is just amazing! My favourite feature is the cute Giraffe on the side, as I am obsessed with them! 
Now I first wore these on a shopping trip to Liverpool City 
Center and the amount of adults/teens that asked me where they where from was crazy! 

These lovelies RRP at £59.99, which for how much detail has been put in them and the quality, is a BARGAIN!You can purchase Lelli Kelly's from:
Jake Shoes

Find them on Twitter! @LK4Teens
Do you own any Lelli Kelly's? Would you wear these cute sneakers? 

Hannah Rosalie x
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