Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fatty Boom Boom

Hiiiiiiiiiiii Guys!!!! 

So, Since my operation in December (4th), I have gained 12lb. 12LB!!! That is like carrying a large ass Baby in my stomach, but in this case, a truck load of fat! Over the past few months I have felt my body changing and not for the better! My clothes have been getting tighter and feel so uncomfortable! Firstly, I KNEW that I would be going up a size on my top half, with my surgery being on my spine, swelling and what not. However now I can't get my size 10 jeans on and I am pushing it with size 12! I am sooooo not happy with myself. Don't worry! I am not in a rut and hate myself as usual, I am a little disappointed. 

So tonight, I took the plunge and joined my old Weight Watchers Class. I was dreading going because I knew that they would confirm my weight gain. However, as soon as I walked in, I was greeted my all my old WW partners in crime and all back to our starting weights which was quite amusing! Nicola my leader was as friendly as ever and even told me she had put 2 and a half stone on since her wedding last Summer! This made me feel a lot better! In tonight's class, we talked about the new WW plan, Simple Start. You basically get to make your breakfast, lunch and dinner from so many foods on the list and you get two treats a day. Now, I cringed when I found out I would be doing this rather than the points system. In my head, I had a voice going, oh my gosh oh my gosh, I am going to have to MAKE meals and not do the quicker version of microwaving one for lunch/dinner. Nicola reassured me that I would love it once I started getting into it, so I left happy! 

Why I think I have put so much weight on...
I had major spinal surgery on December 4th of last year and was off my feet for a month. Even in January I still couldn't walk a lot and exercising was a HUGE no. So I wouldn't be going the gym every other day like usual. My medication has played a big part too. I have been on every medicine you can imagine and ended up taking three bottles of morphine per week. The medicine made me not eat, however made me bloated, retained water and put the lb's on me. From all this, and being in constant pain, I could feel myself mentally, going down and down and down. Of a night, I would come home from work and just eat toast, sweets, chocolate, slices of ham/cheese from the fridge, you name it, I have been eating it! 

Why I want to loose....
At the moment, I feel so unhealthy. My skin has broke out, my eczema is back, I am ALWAYS tired and I feel ever so emotional, like, all the time. Also, all my lovely clothes that I worked so hard in the gym last year for, wont go near me. I want to loose to be healthier and feel better about myself. I also go to Rome in six weeks with my partner and I want to feel amazing! 

Through the next few weeks/months, I will be sharing my diet with you and my results too! I was tempted to put a picture up of my swimwear, however maybe when I have lost a few pounds! 

Have you joined WW? Or on a different eating plan? I would love to hear about it! 

Much Love

H xox
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