Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fatty Boom Boom Week 1

Hi guys!! 

So last week I started Weight Watchers (you can read here).
I must say, I was so hesitant as to try the new WW plan, Simple Start, as I am SUCH a points girl!
Throughout last week, I found myself wishing the days away, so I could tell my leader the diet didn't work and I just HAD to go back on the points system. However, I got a BIG surprise.
Before going to get weighed last night, I thought of EVERY excuse not to go. 'I felt sick', 'I wont have lost anything', 'I'm not even going on a summer holiday this year so I don't nnneeeeddd to go..'. However I took one look in the mirror and jumped on the spot. The amount of limbs, body parts etc I had wiggling and shaking around me made me want to be sick! 'That's it!', I thought to myself, I got my WW books and charts, grabbed my Mum and off we went.

On arrival to class, I took off everything I could, hoping and praying it would make me a teenie bit lighter. My coat, scarf, gloves, shoes and even my watch! I asked Nickie not to read it out to me because I actually felt like I had put weight on and not lost! I stepped on the scales and my heart was pounding. In my head I was thinking 'please let me loose, please let me loose, I will be a star this week I swear!'. I had a peek at the scales and I was so puzzled! Last week, I was 9.5lb and staring back at me was 9.1.5lb, meaning I had lost 3.5lbs! I couldn't believe it, I was literally over the moon! My mood was instantly lifted! As I sat down in class I couldn't stop thinking 'how has this happened?'. 
The class this week talked about 'points' VS 'simple start', which for those not familiar with WW, is the two different diet plans. Now, I have always been team points, that is all I have knew since I first started WW more than 10 years ago, yep I have always been a chubb. So when I heard about this new plan, I was very unsure and voiced my opinion.
The past week I have stuck to the diet, not religiously, I love my chocolate too much! However, I have stuck to it. I haven't really felt hungry throughout, however I have been wanting to have my pick at little chocolates, haribo, crisp etc. I have gave in a few times but didn't go crazy, just got back on track. 
In myself/clothes, I still feel very bloated, ESPECIALLY around my stomach and back, I still can't gather if it is still swollen or I have just put weight on there, I guess I will find out.
So this week I am going on the points diet, I know, I know, I did say I would do two weeks of simple start however I just want to compare... ;). I am aiming for 1.5lbs weight loss this week and I really hope I can do it! 
Fingers and tootsies crossed guys! 

Hannah Rosalie 
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