Tuesday, 4 March 2014

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away!

Good Morning Lovies! 
Today I am writing about my favourite snack..APPLES! 

Hold up! These are not just any apples, they are PINK LADY APPLES!
Those of you who know me, know that I will not eat ANY other Apple bar Pink Lady's. 
'Ohhhh but you can't tell the difference!' they say. 
'They are all the same taste!' they say.
Ummmm nope. Pink Lady's are one of a kind, and once you go there, you ALWAYS go back! 

So, funnily enough, me and my lovely friend Ginger Jax got talking on Twitter about apples and I mentioned Pink Lady's. How on earth Pink Lady's found that conversation is beyond me, however they started to join in! Banter was being thrown between the three of us and I challenged Pink Lady Apples to plant a PL tree in my garden and in return, I would bake them Apple Pie each month. Unfortunately for me, they came back and said they couldn't do that...HOWEVER could send me some apples to make a pie with! Can you imagine my excitement! I didn't hesitate to answer! Details where exchanged and a few days later a beautiful package arrived! 

In the package contained a beautiful PINK LADY Jute bag, a cute key chain and 6 of the most gorgeous apples!
Okay, so I kind of may ate an apple before I stared baking but hey! Look at them! D-elicious! 

Find out on my next post, how my baking turned out! 

Hannah Rosalie
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