Friday, 14 February 2014

Holy Grail Week 1

Evening Lovies!

So every Friday, I am going to be posting about a holy grail product, that i just can't get ENOUGH of! 

This week's holy grail is....

When I got my hands on this spray, I must admit, i threw it to the back of my draw. How on earth can a spray, dry nail polish in 60 seconds, when it usually takes at least 10 minutes for a few coats right? 
So, I was having a sort out of my beauty products and eventually decided to give it a go. 
As normal, I applied a base coat, two coats of a colour and a top coat onto my nails. 
I then used the spray, holding it roughly 10cm away from my nails, giving them a quick 3 second spray. I then left my nails alone for 60 seconds before testing, to see if it had worked! I touched each finger after the time was up and dadaaaaaaa it was a MIRACLE! 
I literally have never seen anything like this product before! 
It is though it's magic! The spray does leave a clear shine on your fingers, however makes them feel so smooth and just wipes off! 
I now use this every time I paint my nails, as I am so impatient when waiting for them to dry. 
Would I purchase this? I have already bought two others! 
The bottle actually lasts for so long! So it seems that it never runs out. 
You can purchase Rapid Dry here!

For £3.05 a bottle, you can't go wrong! 

Have you guys tried any products for rapid dry nails? 
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