Monday, 24 February 2014

Aqua Splash, by Tangle Teezer

Hello Lovlies!
Today I am going to be talking about...

Aqua Splash Blue Lagoon by Tangle Teezer!
I have been talking about purchasing a Tangle Teezer for a long time, however was a little put off by the price.
Okay, so when it comes to buying hair brushes, I usually just go for the cheapest available, in the bargain store. A simple 99p Brush, that does the job, however probably pulls half my hair out with it. 

I was really lucky to be offered to test a few Tangle Teezer brushes out and of course, I jumped at the chance!

I have never heard of the Aqua Splash range before, so I was entrigued and excited to try it!

On first impressions, it looked like a spaceship!

Okay, slighhhhhtttt exaggeration!

It is slightly larger than the normal Tangle Teezer, however this is great for me, as I have the thickest head of hair ever! It also means less brush strokes!

The TT fits in your hand prefect, and is comfortable to hold. It is really lightweight, with having a hollow center! YES! A hollow center!
 Which means, when brushing your hair in the shower, at the beach or pool, the water from your hair will just fall through the brush, instead of getting stuck in the brush and making the TT grubby.

The bristles

The colour of the bristles and base, is a gorgeous blue colour, which works well with it's 'Aqua' name!
The bristles are different sizes all the way through, to grasp and get the knots out of different layers of your hair. They are also really steady, which is a bonus, as I find with my thick hair, bristles tend to go out of shape or snap a lot!

Here are my results from my first use.. (Warning, extremely tatty hair)

From tatty hair. After four brush strokes on the left side of my hair. End result of full product use.

So I started brushing one side and counted four strokes of the brush, until all my tats where out. I repeated this on the other side and ended up with completely tat free hair!

Now usually, it takes me at least five minutes getting all the tangles out, however I must have spent not even a minute on my hair!
I am so amazed at how this product works!
Smooth, tangle free hair, in less than a minute!

Would I purchase this? TOTALLY!
This funky, fun and quirky brush, works well on any hair type and is a definite must!

For £12.98, it's slightly more pricey, than you average brush, but so worth it! 
You can purchase here

Have you tried any products from Tangle Teezer? I would love to know your thoughts!

*I got sent this as a gift from Tangle Teezer, all my views are my own.
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