Sunday, 9 February 2014

A world of pure imagination...

The comforter?
Hi guys! 

I’d had such a long week a few weeks ago, that I was wracking my brain, trying to think of something that would be relaxing and rewarding.
Now, I have been to your average spa’s and didn't really rate them much however, I remembered LUSH had a new spa open. I phoned up and spoke to Melissa and explained the type of massage I was after. 

I decided to go for ‘The Comforter’, which is a  60 minute massage, of exfoliation, relaxation and fun!

Lush describe it as 

‘This dreamy massage will have you shedding your woes and feeling cosseted and cheered. It's as though you've popped back into childhood where a world of magic and adventure awaits.

Come with us and you'll be in a world of pure imagination. As enchanting and familiar music gently washes over you, let yourself be transported to a warm and safe world. Tucked up under a warm duvet, let your mind wander free as you're coated with a warm delicate scrub and then gently massaged with rose serum. You'll wake up in a world of wonder, with wonderfully softened skin’.

I booked my Massage for 10am so I could relax and enjoy my day. I got to LUSH ten minutes early and was instantly made to feel at home.
My therapist introduced herself as Louise and she led me up to the spa. 
The spa reception, reminded me of Alice In wonderland. There was a huge wooden table, which had the products used in my treatment, displayed beautifully. 

Louise and I sat down and we went through a consent form, which I thought was great, as not many spas do this. I was also given this amazing water, which had cucumber, lime and ice in! I have made this myself at home as it was so refreshing!
Louise talked me through what the massage contained, without giving away too much, to keep me surprised. We talked about the products that where used in the massage. 

As Louise talked about how the products worked, I was getting more and more excited! 

Time for the treatment!

I walked into what seamed like a dream! Stars and twinkles, took up the ceiling in this low lit, pink coloured room. There where tiny candles scattered across the furniture, creating a warm and inviting feel. The treatment room smelt amazing, and had the most relaxing music on. A huge cosy looking bed, stood in the middle of the treatment room. Around the room was tiny bottles of products, a huge bath and a dressing table.

After taking the magic of the room in and getting changed, I finally climbed into the huge massage bed. 

The bed was so warm, squishy and felt like I was lying on a warm cloud. I pulled the heated weighted blanket over me and rang a little bell on a bedside table beside me and in came Louise. 
Louise placed a heated warm eye mask on me and wished me goodnight. 
The music started up and I started to completely relax, sending any worries out of my head.

The first part to be scrubbed was my chest.
Hot chocolate 
scrub, was poured over and patted in, then the sheet was put back over my chest. The scrub gets left on until all your limbs are done, this is so the chocolate can soak in and work at its best. 

The scent of the chocolate is amazing! It smells nothing like cheap high street chocolate, but a deep, luxurious cocoa, that you just cant get enough of. 
Now it’s time for the exfoliation. Louise started to massage in a special technique each of my arms, legs and chest. I cant explain how amazing it felt! Now considering I was covered in a Hot chocolate scrub, I didn't feel sticky, just so peaceful and relaxed! 

Just before the scrub is removed, you are massaged again, over the sheet, with another fabulous technique. The pressure was just right, not too much, not too little. Now it was time for the scrub to come off. I had no idea how this was going to work. Surely I would need a shower to remove chocolate right? Nope. Louise started from my chest again massaging with what seemed to be two hot mits, over my skin, removing every trace of the chocolate scrub. Just wow! It felt amazing. After being buffed and the scrub removed, there is no way to describe how your skin feels. A mixture of freshness, purity and smoothness filled my pours. I was desperate to touch my skin and see how soft it felt, but held back to be surprised at the end of the treatment. 

At this point, I thought the treatment had ended and I was so relaxed, however I was only half way through! Louise quietly told me to turn around and it was time for my back to be done. She slowly removed my eye mask and I got to take a look around. The room was filled with bubbles. YES! Bubbles! But not ordinary bubbles, they had a scent of Imogen Rose. I really was in a dream land.

I was now lying face down, waiting for what was going to happen next! The scrub was applied to the back of my body and limbs and massaged in as before. 
After the scrub, warm Rose serum was massaged in, again using another beautiful technique. My body started to feel so silky and smelt amazing. The last part of the treatment, was another technique which was so luxurious and made me feel amazing. 

Louise let me know when the treatment has ended and leaves the room, for me to get ready.
I lay there for a few minutes taking in the surroundings and my beautiful soft skin. I was in my element...

There is no way I can come close to how this massage feels. You are literally stepping into a dreamland, a world of pure imagination! Being taken into the most relaxing, peaceful place and not wanting to return to the real world. 

On coming out of the treatment room, Louise was waiting for me at the table. She had a cocktail glass full of candyfloss, and a tiny glass bottle filled with pink liquid. It was a candyfloss cocktail!!! It tasted so sweet and yummy that I wanted to ask for more! We had a chat about how the massage was and I couldn't thank Louise enough!
my therapist

You will also fall in love with the music played! I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I want mention song names. You can actually purchase the CD of the treatment which I have to create my own pamper night at home.

Would I have the treatment again? Over and over! It is the perfect way to get away from the outside world and basically feel so comforting

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