Saturday, 18 January 2014

Saturday Favourite! Meet Corinne...

 Hiya Everyone!!
 So today's post is on one of my favourite bloggers, Corinne!
Corrine has been blogging since 2012 and has an amazing passion about what she writes! She has recently started up a blogging forum which is taking off by storm! 

Hey everyone!

My name is Corinne, I'm a 27 year old blogger from Yorkshire and run I started blogging in December 2012 after one of my best friends decided to document her daily outfits on a blog. I never thought 13 months down the line I would still be at it!

I post mainly outfit posts and babble about my life. I think of myself as a lifestyle blogger more than a fashion blogger, as although I post outfits, I don't class myself as being on trend or having the latest style items, I just love dresses and wear them, weather they are 'in' or not.

Blogging has become a bit more than just a hobby for me, it's more like an obsession and bordering on a part time job - I have been fortunate to work with many different brands and feature their products. 

I've been searching and searching for a forum to join, as I have always loved message boards. After being unable to find one specific for lifestyle/beauty/fashion bloggers, I decided to start my own. Twitter is great, but too fast paced, and comments are also a great way to network but don't have the same community interaction as a message bored. I launched on January 1st 2014 as my project for this year. We are already at 91 members in under 3 weeks! 

The forum gives bloggers opportunity to share their posts, thoughts, social networks, ask for help, promote giveaways and make new friends and followers. 

I would love you to check out my blog and sign up to the forums! 

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