Monday, 6 January 2014

pink, pink, to make the boys wink!

Good Evening everyone!!

So recently, I have been getting extremely anxious at night time. 

My head is going one hundred miles an hour thinking of scenarios that haven't happened!!
So I sat down to do some coursework today and it reminded me that I go back to work on Friday, after being off for 6-7 weeks with my spinal surgery. The thought of going back made me feel physically sick and my anxiety started! 

I love my job and have no idea why I felt like this? 
I spoke to a friend and she said try painting your nails. 
If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will know that recently all I have been doing is painting my nails different colours each night! So i was slightly hesitant but hey-ho! Done it anyways.

Tonight I went for a really girlie pink/glitter combo, as I'm going the ballet tomorrow, so they go with the 'theme'. I'm not usually a 'pink' person but I think these look mega cute! 

From left to right.

Barry M High Shine Gelly- Dragon 
Barry M Nail Paint- Shocking Pink
Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint-C 
Sally Hansen- Maximum Growth (as a base)

 I seem to get so fed up waiting for my nail paint to dry, so I used this amazing product I received in my November Glossybox. 
Its a spray that literally instantly drys your nails in 60 seconds which one spritz! AMAZING! 

Elegant Touch -Rapid Dry Nails with VITAMIN E

Have you tried any pink nail polish before? 

Hannah Rosalie xox
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