Thursday, 2 January 2014

Mini nail pamper!

Hi beauties!!!!

Tonight I decided to use one of my lovely Christmas gifts, from my fellow blogger friend BellaEllaLife.
I am so obsessed with my nails being sparkly/cute/matt/tribal, anything that stands out! So when C gave me this, I was so excited! 

This little kit is called 'Confetti' and contains one polish, which on my pictures looks lilac but in fact is more of a brownie/lilac! The other little bottle is full of thin,
teenie-tiny silver sprinkles, which just catch the light amazingly, causing lots of different colours!
The kit comes with a fab little tray and even instructions to help you create the perfect look!

 Firstly, I took the two bottles out the packaging, so I wouldn't chip my nails doing so later on.
Next i f
illed the little tray up with silver glitter for easy use. 
I then painted each finger with the colour polish and whilst my nails where still wet, I pressed my ring finger nail into the glitter. I pushed the glitter down on to my nail and tidied it up. I ended up putting three coats of colour on each nail and then a top coat, even on
 the ring finger, to make the polish last longer!

After my nails where painted, I used the little funnel attached (which I think this is the best invention ever) to help pour all the excess glitter back into the bottle!


And here is the finished look! Quite a classic, chic look with an edge of sparkle! 

I would soooo recommend this to anyone! The kit is from Primark and such good quality! 

Hannah Rosalie 

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