Sunday, 19 January 2014

How to relax after those dreaded long working days.

Hi everyone!
So this post is one that I am going to rave about because I find this topic something I can relate to every day!
So I work from 8:30-4:30 with no break and usually get home around 5:30. I know this isn't the longest working day however I have such a physical job, it gets so exhausting! By the time I get home, I am yawning, feel energy drained and just want to crawl into my bed! Now, don't get me wrong, I haven't always been like this!!

Go to the gym!
Until September last year, I used to go the gym straight after work Monday-Friday and do an hours gym class, even two if I was in the mood. I used to feel amazing from going as well! Since the cold weather came in and the dark nights, I find it do hard to want to do anything after work! If you struggle with sleep, the experts say that releasing energy with exercise is a natural help! The next time you want to just slug out when you get home, pick up your running shoes and get going in that gym! Not only will you feel amazing afterwards, you will be fit and healthy and also be able to get a good slumber that night!

Walking the dogs.
I know like myself, a lot of people have physical injuries/illness' so can not always visit the gym. So why not head out to the local park with your dog and go for a long walk! Take a flask of hot tea to keep warm and keep you going! If its dark, remember to wear something reflecting so that traffic can see you.

Read a book.
I am obsessed with reading but lately I have been neglecting it for the blogging world, checking out every ones posts. Staring at the screen all night has give me really bad strain the past two weeks. I am going to cut down my screen sessions and stick my head back in my book. I think getting lost into a story makes me feel dreamy and helps take away the focus of your daily life/problems.

Have a long, hot, relaxing soak in the tub.
Fill up the tub, get the candles out and pop a bath bomb in with you! A long hot soak can sometimes be the best healer for an overworked body! I love coming home, running the bath and making it look pretty with relaxation music took from you tube and candles making it feel like a 'spa'. By setting the mood it helps unwind. If possible, try and get a lavender bath bomb, as lavender helps you sleep.

Hot chocolate and calm music. 
I don't know about you, but hot chocolate helps me relax and makes me feel so warm and cosy! After dinner, grab a hot chocolate with some marshmallows, cuddle up on the couch and crack the relaxation music on! Turn all your networking electrical items off and shut off from the rest of the world.

Leaving work at work. 
I find it hard to stop thinking of work when  I get home. I always think about what happened that day or what I could have done better. Work is work. MOST of us have to go to it and dedicate our lives working to provide for ourselves/family. However, its ONLY a job. When you walk out that door, leave work behind. Don't think of it, don't talk about it, just forget it until tomorrow. Over thinking kills happiness!

Well, there you have it guys! I hope at least one of these tips are useful and if you have any that I haven't mentioned, send them my way!

Hannah Rosalie x


  1. Great post! I'll definitely be trying the tip to recreate a spa environment in your own bathroom, what a great idea!

    1. Hi Shell!
      The home spa evening is one of mine but also my boyfriends favourites!
      H xox

  2. Great tips Hannah, especially leaving work at work. Luckily I find leaving work at work easy but I know people who really can't stop talking about work or university and it drives me crazy.

    Rosie x |

    1. Thanks Rosie!
      The list is based on what helps me relax so I hope it works for others too.
      H xox


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