Monday, 27 January 2014

Exciting news!

Evening Ladies!!!

Tonight, I have some fantastic news to share!!!

In February 2013, I applied to volunteer for the girl guiding organisation. Nearly a year later, they finally asked me to go for an interview to be a Leader at a local group! Tonight I visited, hoping and praying my interview went successful and I could fulfill a role of a Brownie Leader. However, the lady interviewing me, asked me to take over the group as it didn't have any leaders for it! I was overwhelmed!
Being in a 'camp-like' organisation is like my second home.
 I worked at a YMCA girls camp in America in 2011 and fell in love with it, however due to work commitments, couldn't go back. So when the lady turned round and said this news to me, I was ecstatic! 

The unit as a whole needs a re-shape and I have so many fantastic ideas for the girls, which I hope they are going to love! 
One of the perks that comes with being a girl guide Leader, is that you need a 'name', which you are called during the Brownie meet. For Brownies, it is usually 'something-owl', e.g. BrownOwl, SnowyOwl'.
This is where I need YOUR help! 

I don't want just a common name, I want something different, can you help?

Hannah Rosalie xox


  1. Elf Owl is a real owl and might actually go with the Brownies name, I used to love being in Brownies, I was a Pixie!! Our owl leader was brownowl x

  2. Yay I like ElfOwl too! Congrats lovely xo

  3. Aww fantastic! Congratulations lovely, you are such a natural with kids!! X

  4. Hey congrats!
    Why not make a list of everything you love and try and combine what you love into it?
    Elephant stories and more


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