Friday, 24 January 2014

Charlotte talks about Blush!

Hi Everyone! 
So I have always wanted to try out cream blushes, but never had the confidence OR the 'know how' to do it. I recently got talking to the lovely Charlotte and she convinced me that cream blush was the way to go! Being the nosey person that I am, I asked her if she could write a post for my blog so that I and other bloggers could get some tips. Super Kind of her to agree, so here goes, ENJOY! 

Hi! I'm Charlotte from Surely Char and I'm a blusher addict. Boy, do I love a good blusher! Powder, watercolour, even velvet finish - I've tried them all. But today it's all about the cream blush and this is my modest collection. 

L-R: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink, Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Dixie, Bourjois Blush Exclusif (Bespoke Colour), Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow in Liquifuschia

I'm not really sure why the Bobbi Brown is called Powder Pink, I think it's more of a dusky kind of apricot? Believe me it looks much better on than in the swatch! It comes out really neutral and was my first ever cream blush. The Illamasqua is a coral pink, which is highly pigmented and really beautiful. The Bourjois is an interesting one, apparently the colour adapts to different skin tones, making it come out slightly differently on everyone. I just had to try it! It comes out a really pale candy pink on me, but this is also how it looks in the pot so I assume it's similar for everyone. I bought the Kevyn Aucoin when I had Space NK loyalty points to use and I was desperately looking for this kind of colour. As the name suggests, it's a fuchsia pink. It's definitely the scariest looking of the lot and because of the colour you only need a tiny bit but it looks just gorgeous on and you can make it as subtle as you like.

Cream blusher is a product I used to be scared of, simply because I didn't know how to apply it.
I've now learnt the ways that work for me and I've got two tips for applying this and avoiding the dreaded clown face look. One way to apply is with a blending sponge. I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. I actually use this dry rather than damp for cream blusher, dab the sponge into the blusher and work it into the skin using a gentle pressing and tapping motion. I then blend it out with my fingers afterwards. I apply this after my base is done and before my setting powder as I find it lasts longer and blends more easily. The other way is with a stippling brush - again, I use the Real Techniques one (gotta love those Pixiwoo sisters!). I pick up the product on my fingertips and pat/tap onto the apples of the cheeks using circular movements. I then use the stippling brush to work it into the skin and to buff out the edges so it looks more natural.

So those are my cream blushers and my top tips for applying. If you've got a favourite cream blusher or another top tip, please share it with me!

Thanks so much Hannah for letting me guest post, I hope you all enjoyed reading it :)

Charlotte x



  1. Nice post

    1. Charlotte explained Cream Blush amazingly!
      Hannah Rosalie

  2. Great post! And wonderful collection! I love how each of them is such a different and beautiful colour!
    I also use to be scared of cream blush. But my best friend Victoria (who I blog with) made me take the leap. Its definitely scary the first few times, then you're totally right once you get the hang of it, it is awesome. I think its my favourite form of blush now :)
    xo T

    1. Thanks for reading Tori! I was the same the Charlotte taught me woo! I love cream blush now!

      H x


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