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Body Image

Hi everyone!! 
Today's post is quite a long....Okay, it is a VERY long post so grab a cuppa and take a seat! So here goes...

Lately, I have seen so many magazine covers promoting new year, new body/shocking bodies/detox/dieting.
Okay, so yes, it is the new year and the most popular month for people wanting to shed those extra pounds... 
However should this be taking over our lives? Let's find out...

I have struggled with my weight since as long as I can remember! I've always been 'chubby' and I would go so much to say 'overweight' in my teenage years! Ive been from 8st 4lb to 11st, I guess you can call me a yo-yo dieter!  Pulling at my clothes is something that comes that natural to me, as blinking does and it drives me INSANE! For a while, I got into thinking that I wasn't good enough if I wasn't thin. Or only beautiful women where successful. Who is to blame for all this negativity? Is it the press for making us think we have to be blonde, tall, gorgeous and stick thin? Or is it all in our heads, that we HAVE to be perfect? 

Now in the celebrity world, especially from looking at magazines, celebrities these days look perfect. Amazing bodies, clothes, make-up. You name it, they have got it! But how many people do you see like that in every day life? Until I was in my early twenties, I never new about airbrushing or photo shop. So when I seen these perfect woman in the tabloids, I envied them so bad! Now, knowing how much you can actually change a photo, I think it's crazy for someone to be wanting to change so much about them, for the public eye! Which just goes to show, lots of celebrities are just as image conscious as all of us and they have to deal with the whole world seeing their 'imperfections'. 

Currently, I am 25 years of age, 5ft 1, weight 8 stone 8lb and fit in a size 10/12 depending.
According to the 
NHS healthy weight calculator, my BMI, is in the healthy weight zone, measuring 22.6. 

2.4 More and I'd be clast as over-weight. 

It also goes on to tell me how the 'healthy weight range from my height is 6st 14lb- 9st 7lb. 
Personally, I think that 6st 14 would be far too thin! But to others, this might be a perfect weight!

Now this is me. I sent this picture to my boyfriend and asked him to write what he saw. Our different views are below. 

Myself on this picture.- I have a box head. I hate the way my hair line is so far back. The right side of my face is so square that it makes me look like I have a fat face not including my huge chubby cheeks. My nose it shaped awful and so bony and flat. I hate it. My stomach is poking through my jacket which looks awful. Since I stopped riding my legs have gone so out of shape and look so wobbly on this photo. 

My Boyfriend Chris wrote- I am immediately attracted to Hannah in this picture. By looking at her, she is very stylish wearing such a nice outfit. She has a great looking body and an amazing smile.Can't go wrong with a great smile, its one of my favourite qualities about her. On top of everything she looks stunning. 

We can pick so many faults at ourselves but when it comes to others, they don't see any of my 'flaws' I have listed. I wrote down so many problems about that photo but didn't even notice that I was smiling on it...

Every morning I dive in the bathroom, strip naked and get on those dreaded scales without fail! I close my eyes and peek through at the final result through my fingers. If i have put on the slightest amount of weight I go straight to my bedroom mirror and take a good look at myself. I scruitinize everything! I instantly think I'm fat/ugly/worthless and this has a negative impact on the rest of my day! I wont eat properly, I can't focus. All that is on my mind, is the number on those scales or my reflection in the mirror. I'm not my bubbly, happy, smiley self, instead I'm miserable, withdrawn and depressed. Does this happen to anyone else? It's like I hit an all time low and can't enjoy anything! I will even cancel plans with friends/family because of this!
 Even though I'm 3 stone lighter than many years ago, I still pick out things I don't like about myself. 
Is this anyway to live and feel about myself? Now, if any of my friends thought anything like this about themselves, I'd be so upset that they thought that! But why is it okay for me to judge myself to harshly? 

I recently tweeted about my new blog post and if anyone would be interested in getting involved and the amount of people who responded over whelmed me! I wanted to see if any other women felt like I did and struggled with body image. I emailed the same set of questions to lots of girls/ladies from all over the world and here is the response I got. (I have also entered my answers).

Hannah Rosalie (me) from death by coco

Age- 25
Height- 5ft 1
Are you happy with my body and why? Nope, there are too many things that I want to change! I don't think I have ever been happy to be honest but it is something that I am working on!
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? Yes! May 2013 I had a breast uplift and reduction in one operation. My bells where just so big and heavy which caused major drooping! I now love my new jingles! I would also like my nose done.
What is your idea of the perfect body shape? My idea of the perfect body shape is looking in the mirror and not wanting to change  a thing! 

Age- 22

Height- 5'5 (5 feet, 5 inches) American vs UK sizes I'm not sure of the conversion :)

Size- 6-8 (Really depends on brand)

Are you happy with your body and why?  Most days, I do think I could tone up more. I would love to drop a few pounds. I am most self conscious about my thighs, belly, and arms.

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? No.
What is your idea of the perfect body shape? I like curves, I guess because I have them. My perfect body shape would be whatever a girl feels her most comfortable. Perfect body shape to me is confidence and how a woman carries herself

Ellie from Lemon Loves
Age- 18
Height- 5ft 7

Size- 12/14

Are you happy with your body and why? No i am not happy with my body because i have been called fat from a young age and its sort of taken its toll on me. I'm not the 'skinny' type that I'm supposed to be. I have curves and I'm not sure that people call me fat because they are jealous or because I'm genuinely large. I definitely feel that my problems with weight and how I see myself have got less and less the older I am but I have still got a constant niggling in my head that I'm  fat.  I'm not striving to be 'perfect' i just want that feeling to go away! I think the fact I'm a 34HH bra size, does have an impact on how i feel about my weight as that has attracted unwanted male attention from a young age so i am more aware of my body than some. 

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? No i haven't had any cosmetic surgery and i wouldn't apart from a breast reduction. I don't think humans should mess with what they have been given in permanent ways. Exercise and eating differently are the only ways i think you should change yourself!  (unless you needed cosmetic surgery in medical circumstances like Katy piper
What is your idea of the perfect body shape? I would like to be more toned like Klhoe Kardashian but we all have our struggles and i think women should be more supportive and less judgemental of each other, weight problems might be less if we stuck together!

Laura Jay from Miss LJ Beauty 

Age- 30

Height- 5ft6

Size- 8/10
Are you happy with your body and why?- I am happy but I have issues. I lost 7 & a half stone when I was younger I was a size 22 and went down to 6 I was a bobble head with big boobs. I am getting married this year so I will defo be working out. Unfortunately when I lost the weight I was diagnosed with  body dismorphia as I struggle to see myself the way others do. Plus I never see the real me in the mirror I will always think I'm bigger and always will see the big girl in me!
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why?- No but I came very close. I was offered a breast reduction on the nhs as I have a very small back  28/30 and large chest so I get bad backs all the time. I considered this for ages but got a bit freaked out when they informed me they cut your nipples off and reposition them Ouch! 
What is your idea of the perfect body shape? I love the hour glass shape! Give me a body like kelly brook or Kim kardashian .  Nothing wrong with boobs and bum, let's face it who wouldn't want to look like Jessica rabbit. I will never be tiny again it was not healthy and I looked very stupid! When I was dieting all I wanted to be was a size 14 it was my goal weight and to be honest I was delighted when I reached there! To me I'm not really in to sizes anymore I love to work out so I'm more about being fit! If I do diet I don't weigh my self as I don't find it works. I always your a tape measure as it can tell your definition  changes. When I lose inches I gain some weight because muscle weight more than fat so scale can be very deceiving. Who really cares what a scales said if you feel good you look good!   

Rosie from Eat Read Glam

Age - 21 (You know, I forgot how old I was and really had to think about it then, that's pretty embarrassing.) 
Height - 5 ft 5 (I think!)
Size - 8 on the top, 10 on the bottom 
Are you happy with your body and why - A tricky one. I would say that I'm fairly happy with my body apart from my stomach, but perhaps that's because I'm rarely in a swimsuit, or anything like that so I can just hide it. Constantly seeing airbrushed pictures of people with flat stomachs and the media bullying and shaming celebrities in their bikinis frustrates me to no end and honestly, makes me feel like I'm not good enough, even though I know pictures are airbrushed, but it's what the media are trying to force as 'normal'. 
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why: No and I don't think I ever would unless I ever had an accident or an illness which made me feel seriously uncomfortable in myself. 
What is your idea of the perfect body shape: There isn't one. We come in all shapes and sizes and as long as you're happy and healthy, that should really be all that matters

Roxanne from Simply Roxilicious
Age- Older than time itself, or at least I feel that way!
Height- Tall, 5ft9 or 10
Size- 14-18 depending on where I shop, mostly around a 16 though
Are you happy with your body and why? Yes, I used to get bullied for being too skinny, then too fat. But, eventually I grew to like my body, it's curvy, hourglass shaped, and it's mine!
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? Nope.

What is your idea of the perfect body shape? I don't think there is such a thing as perfect body shape, everybody is unique and different, and there is no perfection, noone is perfect and yet that's what makes people perfect! I always feel sad when I hear people criticise themselves and others for the way they look. There is no right or wrong way to live life, and there is no right and wrong way to look, compliment others for the way they look, compliment yourself everyday for how you look. Don't put others or yourself down, negative energy only breeds more negative energy

Lauren from Totally Lola

Age- 14
Height- 5"5 
Size- 8
Are you happy with your body and why? Some days I hate my body. Truthfully I sometimes cry and wish I was somebody else, a thinner and prettier person. But then I realise I'm not that bad and I get on with the day wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in and that make me feel good about myself. Then the cycle of thinking I look horrible and I'm fat starts again, I guess you just can't win!
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? No I haven't, I'm too young.
What is your idea of the perfect body shape? Yet again in my eyes any body shape is perfect. I think as long as you're happy and healthy that is good enough, despite what anybody else thinks. Yet towards myself I wish I was thinner, honestly I hate my legs but there isn't an awful lot I can do about that. Making people feel like their body shape is perfect is important and I think it should be embraced more in society today!

Steph from Just Steph

Age- 21
Height- 5.4
Size- 6/8
Are you happy with your body and why? Obviously there are certain things that I would change about my body if I could but overall I am happy with my body and the way I look. The reason why? I think this has much to do with having confidence. If women or men are not confident in their own skin they are not going to be happy with the way they look.
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? I have never had cosmetic surgery!
What is your idea of the perfect body shape? There is no perfect body shape. Everyone is different!

Allie from tie dye eyes

age - 19
height - 5'6"
size - 10
Are you happy with your body and why - Overall, I'd like to say so. I know I'm much more comfortable in my body than many other people my age, but we all have our hang-ups, but they're not all about fat, my squidgy belly needs to be toned yeah, but my legs are deathly pale, even to the point of becoming purple at times! My worst feature I would say is my nose, I broke it years ago and never got it fixed, now it makes my whole face look off centre, which isn't easy to disguise!
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why - No, but the only reason being my phobia of needles. If I wasn't afraid, I would definitely have a nose job.
What is your idea of the perfect body shape - Anybody who is comfortable and confident with their body has the perfect body in my eyes :)

Mollie from Belle Rae
Age- 18
Height- 5ft2 (I think)
Size- UK 10-12
Are you happy with y
our body and why? - No, there's lots of things I'd love to change about myself! I compare myself to others a lot especially my friends and looking in magazines, I always feel inadequate and I never feel half as beautiful or 'skinny' as they all look. 
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? - I did once very lightly consider lipo as I thought it was just an easy alternative to be skinny but now I believe it's better to lose weight the proper and healthy way. Cosmetic surgery is very serious and shouldn't be considered lightly as it is so very expensive and comes with a lot of health complications. 
What is your idea of the perfect body shape? - Beyonce or Kim Kardashian! Healthy, beautiful, curvy bodies!

Elaine from the makeup hound

Age- 27
Height- 5'7.
Size- I've just lost a stone so now I'm a size 10. 
Are you happy with your body and why? In happy with my body now but when I was larger - a 14 - I was also happy! It's always other people that comment and then it brings you down. I also look at old photos and feel 'how didn't I see I was big?' you just live in the skin you are in. I feel when I'm slim I feel less catty towards slimmer girls or models but when I'm bigger or feeling out of shape I go on the defensive a bit! I lost weight after a male friend informed me that I had let myself go. I cried for hours. It was dreadful but it gave me a push I feared if he thought that, what did my fiancé really think? 
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why?I've never had surgery and would never consider it beyond a spot of Botox on my crinkly bits! I'm all for it but I know people who have had implants removed and ended up hating their new look a few years down the line. 
What is your idea of the perfect body shape?I think an ideal body shape is slim - id kill to look like the brunette from blurred lines! Saying that I think Martine mccutcheon and Kelly brook are gorgeous but I think a key part of a good body seems to be abs, which I fully blame britney spears for. I spent many an hour aged 14 incorrectly plugging away at sit ups whilst also eating pop tarts and too many cheesy chips after school so I can't quite say how having abs feels......
I love people on YouTube coming through as celebrities now - and I think the diversity of body types they have and how people like them for them will show a real change in the view of beauty for teenagers now. rather than just looking at bodies In magazines and MTV videos like I looked at britney that can be the wrong ideal with bloggers and vloggers we are getting past just looking at bodies and seeing people- warts and all (or spots in my case) and I think that's a change to really look forward to. 

   Sophie from thats what sophie said
Age: 21
Height: 5ft6
Size: 10 in most shops, but it varies between 8 and 12!
Are you happy with your body and why? I am for the most part, I wouldn't say I need to lose weight but I definitely feel that I need to tone up. My legs are the one part of me I'd most like to change!
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? I haven't, and I won't ever, but I have thought about it in the past.
What is your idea of a perfect body shape? I wouldn't say there is one. Different people suit different body types - Kelly Brooke would look daft if she had no boobs or hips, and Cara Delevingne would probably look silly with Double-Fs! If someones comfortable with their body, that's their perfect body shape - as cliche as that sounds.

Alyssa from The Nu Creations
Age- 17
Height- 5 ft 4in
Size- US medium
Are you happy with your body and why? Yes, however I know I could be in better shape.
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? No
What is your idea of the perfect body shape? Any shape, as long as its a healthy one! Take care of your body and whatever shape it is will be beautiful!

Zoe from A new chapter 

Age: 37
Height: 5ft0
Size: 12/14
Are u happy with your body and why?: no, I know I am too big but as I have ill health I can't exercise much. Trying to lose weight but it's hard to do. I was a 6/8 before I had my son, and ballooned to a size 18 whilst pregnant and have never been able to get back down.
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? No and I never would as I don't think it is right to mess about with your body, as all too often you see when it has gone wrong.
What is your idea of a perfect body: someone who is confident with how they look has the perfect body

Rheya from Pixi Rella
Age- 22
Height- 5'11
Size- varies, tend to be 12 bottom half, 16-18 on top
Are you happy with your body and why? This is a difficult question to answer as I don't think I am ever happy with it, but I am never THAT unhappy to do something about it. I have such a misproportioned body that it is hard to dress but I stick to what I know and embrace the parts I like such as my legs. I wish a had a smaller belly and a less chubby face but even if I was stick thin the build of my body is broad with a round baby face - do I spend the rest of my life hating myself or try my best to accept who I am and get on with life in whatever makes me feel comfortable and happy?! I think I would rather choose the latter
Have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? No I have never had it (unless you count teeth whitening which didn't work at the privilege of spending £60) 
What is your idea of the perfect body shape? There is too much idealism floating around for what the perfect body is. Aesthetically it should be thin and toned with lean muscles and covered in a glowing tan, but really as long as you are healthy and happy, eat crap in moderation and eat and drink well on the hole then surely that is the perfect body?
On a chicka I think what is most aesthetically attractive is curves; a bum and average booba  doobies. I think it looks healthy and is killer in a bodycon dress, but that doesn't mean that that is the perfect shape, others prefer incredibly voluptuous frames whilst some for incredibly petite. No one is perfect in their own eyes, but to so many others you will be the vision of perfection, everyone else doesn't matter :)

size-30-32 (uk)
are you happy with your body and why?-basically, no! im not happy, not one bit, I carry most of my weight around my tummy and hips, because 2 years ago I lost 11stone, but then but it back on I have lose skin that the weight basically went into! I feel lumpy and basically horrible. im trying to lose weight currently, but I swear its harder this time round!
have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why?-I haven't had cosmetic surgery, but once ive lost the weight again, and had children I will be saving up and having surgery to remove the lose skin.
what is your idea of the perfect body shape?- my ideal body shape is a size 14-16, curvy, im naturally pear shaped, but id love a bit more in the chest area! no lose skin, no stretch marks or scars, the type of body that can wear high waisted skirts etc :)

Beth from Beauty In Beta

Age- 25
Height- 5'5
Size- 10
are you happy with your body and why? I like that I'm curvy but I could definitely be a lot more toned!
have you ever had cosmetic surgery and why? No! Each to their own though :)
what is your idea of the perfect body shape?  I don't think there is a 'perfect' body shape! We all come in different shapes and sizes, as long as you're happy and healthy, then you rock it!! :)

Above you have ladies from different countries, backgrounds, ages, sizes, religions and races. And every answer is different. So remember, when your next picking out who you want to look like next, they are thinking the same!
We are all different however perfect in our own way and we need to start believing this! 

A huge well done to all the ladies that participated in my blog, it wasn't easy answering the questions for the world to read...

A few days a go, my friend Roxanne from Simply Roxilicious gave me the best advice, 
Look in your mirror every morning and tell yourself you look fabulous. And look in the mirror again at night and tell yourself you look fabulous too. Don't say or think one negative thing. Tell yourself you are beautiful, and you'll believe it.

I'm asking all your beautiful guys and dolls to do the above, whenever you are feeling upset or sad, or even when your on top of the world!

Whether you think your fat, thin, too tall, too small, have to many freckles, are too plain...

YOU are beautiful. 

Hannah Rosalie


  1. Love it!!! This is an awesome and thought provoking post, so glad I could contribute!!!! xx

    1. Thank you so much for contributing!
      Glad you liked it
      Hannah Rosalie xox

  2. Amazing post hannah no one is perfect we all have our self concious things I have so many but for every bad thing you think about yourself I could tell you a 1000 possitive ones and from my eyes you are flawless and your so caring your an angel on earth :p xx

  3. This really hit home. My bf is the photographer for my blog and nearly every photo I say "My nose is big" or "my face looks fat" and everyone he photo he says is perfect and beautiful. We are our toughest critics and each and every one of you are STUNNING!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Julie! It just goes to show that we all judge ourselves far to harshly and should unite as strong women :)

      H xox

  4. You all look beautiful. All of you. And you should tell yourself that more.

    It took me time to feel confident in my own skin, to not put myself down, but I promise you if you start loving yourself, and telling yourself you're fabulous, you will eventually believe it.

    Thanks for letting me get involved in the post, Hannah


    1. No, Thank YOU! for all your amazing words!

      H xox

  5. Amazing post! it really makes you think x

  6. I loved the final post Hannah, thanks for letting me get involved!x

    1. Thank you so much for contributing! I think its amazing us all coming together xx

  7. This is a lovely post really enjoyed reading it! It's nice to read something different and yet totally relatable. Everything you wrote about how you feel exactly how I am feeling at the moment!
    Since being with my boyfriend I have fluctuated between 8 and a half stone to 11. I'm at the heaviest right now and hate it! All I want to do is feel comfortable in my skin and wear my old beautiful clothes. I am on a mission to just get more healthier - I suffer with IBS and do I'm hoping this will help it calm down.
    We need to remember to be kinder to ourselves - we are all beautiful just in different ways!

    Lovely blog - new follower here :)

    Collette x

    1. I'm the same, my boyfriend will go to cuddle me and ill instantly push his hand off my stomach! It's so sillie why we are like this and they love everything about us!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting xox

  8. Hey I loved your post ! What a lovely message you are trying to spread :) I have a view from the other side of the spectrum though. I am 5'2 and weigh my heaviest I've ever been . 7 stone but sometimes I'll step on the scales and see the dreaded - I've lost a few pounds. This makes me feel physically sick , I end up hating myself. Now I see being thin just as big of a problem as being bigger and having problems loosing weight. It's almost impossible for me to put it on, I've never had an eating disorder, my doctor says I'm fine and healthy. (Even though I'm constantly worried I'm sick) I went through a stage of seeing magazines constantly trying to make other women feel better about themselves and us "skinny" girls aren't really "no man wants a bone when he can have steak" it's just as nasty saying to someone you're skinny as you're fat. I've tried forcing myself to eat absolute crap to absolute everything even past the point of feeling full. Nothing has ever worked. Just recently I weighed myself and see 7 stone 2 on the scales- I hadn't been forcing myself to eat, I'd just been eating normal regular meals. It's since I've accepted I'm a size 6 smaller girl -and I just have to be happy with who I am. I think it's harder for me as my whole family are the opposite from me and I'm always the one saying she looks awful in clothes be cause I look lost in them and my arms look like twigs. I think I've got this horrible self abuse from years of people saying it to me . Calling me anorexic or just plain skinny. My close friends always say i look normal and they're just jealous but they're my mates of course they'd say that. I started to just accept me for me. I've grown into myself the last year and have decided to make me happy not anyone else , I've got to live in this body so sod them ! I just want people to know it's hard from this point of view too. As you said we are all different shapes and sizes but it's not all one way. Us girls are horrible to ourselves and each other sometimes. And it would be nicer if everyone could just put themselves in others shoes . We are all beautiful in our own way and have different personalities and quirky things about ourselves that make us unique. Thank you for
    Such an interesting read :) x Jamie x

    1. Hi Jamie! I completely agree! My friend can not put weight on no matter how hard she tries. I am so envious about her body yet she is with mine! We are have thing we dislike about ourselves however we need to stop being so harsh as it drags us down!

      Thank you so much for your comment and reading

      H xox

  9. Beautiful blog hunny. You are gorgeous, you have a lovely figure and a kind heart so your the fully package!! Xx

    1. Thank You C! You are such an amazing friend

      H xox

  10. Fantastic blog post! It's so easy to criticize ourselves and point out our own flaws, if only we could see ourselves as others see us 100% of the time! We are all so unique, there's some huge massive number in the billions for the odds on anyone else in the past, present or future to look how we look - how amazing is that? Nobody has looked like us before and chances are nobody will look like us ever (even identical twins have differences!). We need to embrace our bodies and our looks, they are totally unique to us, we all look this way for a reason. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is love ourselves. I know it's not easy but it's worth it!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for reading! You are so right about us all being unique and knowing ever looking exactly like us! I have never though about that before!!!
      Glad you enjoyed reading!

      H xox

  11. Thank you so much for letting me be involved. It is things like this make me push myself to inspire others. Working at an all girls summer camp (as you know) I am surrounded by young girls who I am afraid compare themselves too often to others. I want to continue to inspire them letting them be who are they and accept themselves as beautiful!

    xx Amy

    1. Thank you so much for contributing chica!
      You are an inspiration to so many at camp!

      H xox

  12. Loved this :) you are seriously gorgeous as well! I'm glad there are people out there spreading the word on body image. It's so much more important than our physical bodies!

  13. Love your blog, especially this post!

  14. Hannah, I can't express how much I loved reading this. It is an excellent idea for a post. As someone who is extremely self conscious and finds it extremely difficult to lose weight due to my chronic illness, this post has made me reassess my insecurities. I also love your blog and I'm now following via Bloglovin'.

    Rose |

    1. Such kind words Rose, thank you for taking the time to read


  15. I'm glad I found this. I'm only 5 ft and in the past year I've put on over 21lbs to 10st 8 and I'm really struggling to loose it. I get all motivated to go to the gym but I end up looking at the 'good bodies' and making comparisons to my own jiggling about and then I get disheartened and embarrassed so stop going. It's good to see that other people have their issues too, but also pretty sad to see that we all have so many. Thanks for writing this... I know I'm a bit late to the party but still, thanks :) xx

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