Friday, 20 December 2013

Why I have been absent

Hi guys! 
I haven't really blogged for the past few weeks so i thought I'd tell you all why. 
If you are quite a regular follower, you will know about my struggles with my 'titanium' spine. If you are quite new (a hugggeeee helloooo (thanks Anna) to all you new people) I broke my back in August 2012 and had my spine built up with titanium. 
So, i got my appointment date for my final (hopefully, touch wood) operation. This procedure was for all the titanium to be removed out of my spine, as the bones are now healed. I was very anxious getting towards the operation as there was alot of risks. Unfortunately, my operation got cancelled five times before I actually had it done. 

Here are a few pictures of my stay in hospital for this operation.

I am writing this now, two weeks after surgery and I am home and well, (Okay, so I'm getting there hehe). 

The operation went well, trickier than expected as I got my first operation done abroad. I was quite upset when I seen my scar as it is a lot bigger and more 'scruffy' looking than the last one, but I'm alive and walking, so I can not complain. 

I wont lie, I am still in ALOT of pain. I take morphine every few hours and it only really takes the edge off the pain. I can walk for a short amount of time but need rests. However I'm doing good, I'm in good spirits and I am surrounded by positivity! 
I am so over whelmed by the love and support I have received from my family, friends, fellow bloggers, church community and work colleagues. I have been sent so many gifts and words of support.I am so blessed and thankful that I have so many amazing people in my life <3 My church community even dedicated a mass to prey for my recovery which i am so so grateful and honoured about.

I though I would share a few of my beautiful gifts with you all. 


I will be back up and running very soon and I am excited to get back into blogging! Thanks to everyone who has supported/still supporting me through this difficult time. 

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
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