Friday, 27 December 2013

The dreaded cleaning of make-up brushes.

Let's get clean! 

Hi guys!!! 

So today I have wrote a post/tutorial on how I clean my makeup brushes, with the help of a little Christmas fairy! I hateeeeee this time of the week/month when I realise that if I don't clean my make-up tools soon, my face will be crawling with goodness knows what! My little beauty blog/vlog obsessed niece, suggested that she would help! (Of course I'm not going to reject any help in this task!) So we whacked on some party tunes (Disney princess music obviously!!) and got stuck in! 

The product I am using to clean my tools is the No7 Brush Cleanser which you can purchase here. 

No7 states that this cleanser will remove make-up particles from synthetic and natural hairs, from your tools. I have read about other bloggers using baby shampoo to clean their tools and obviously that would be the cheaper option, however I actually bought this for less than it was, with a coupon I had saved. 
RRP: £8.00

Firstly, I got together a towel, my make-up flannel, a clean flannel and a bowl. This is such a yucky/boring process so I done it in my bedroom rather than stuck in the bathroom.

 I then put three pumps of the brush cleanser into the bowl and filled it with hot water (the hotter the water, the more bacteria it gets rid of). When Mixed together, it forms little bubbles on the surface. I then soaked all of my tools together and left them there for approx 5 minutes. I repeated this three times as my brushes needed a thorough cleaning, however I would only need to do this once usually! 

After five minutes a pressed each brush to the base of the bowl and had a swish around. The water then changed colour (gross).

I then refilled the bowl using two pumps of brush cleanser and more hot water. 
I popped two brushes in at a time for the next step. 

Taking one brush, I again pressed it to the side and base of the bowl taking any extra make-up particles out. 

To check that the brush is clean, I brushed it up and down on my make-up flannel. If there was any evidence of make-up coming off the brush, I would repeat the previous step. 

 After making sure the brush is thoroughly clean, I drained any excess water out and then shaped the brush back to its original form. 

 When shaped, place the brush on a clean flannel to dry.

I popped my clean tools near to the radiator and left them to dry over night.
In my opinion, I think that brushes never go back to how they where when bought, but this product helps a lot!!

Would I recommend this brush cleanser? YES! You can even use this as a quick fix if you don't have the time to soak, by putting a pump on your brush and cleaning it with a bit of water and paper towel! 
Have you used this product before? Or do you have a different way of cleaning make-up tools? I'd love to hear from you! 

Love Hannah & Evie

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