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Tackling stress relief..

Hey everyone!!!
So, I hope you are all well and having a fabulous holiday season! As a few of my followers will know, I recently had major spinal surgery. I haven't been myself for about two months with a lot of stress and anxiety. My friend Roxanne has been so helpful giving me a lot of advice, that I though a lot of you readers may find very helpful! 

Hello! My names Roxanne and I’m qualified in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Crystal and Colour Therapy. Hannah has asked me to write a guest post for her on the subject of Stress.

Let me start by saying, I’m not some sort of stress guru, in fact I’d be lying if I said I never felt stress.  It’s natural for us all to feel stress at times; in some situations stress can be positive.  As someone who has performed in theaters I know that a healthy level of stress keeps me alert and focused and has improved my performance. Everybody reacts differently to stress and some people can cope with different levels of stress.
But what happens when we get too stressed?  When we feel stress our body releases hormones that trigger our “fight or flight” response, which is why people react to stress differently. Some of the signs of being too stressed include feeling anxious, sleeping problems, difficulty concentrating, feeling irritable, muscular pain and tension, headaches particularly migraines, dizziness, IBS and heart palpitations, plus many more. Severe stress can lead to people suffering from depression and depressive disorders.

Firstly, I would advise anyone who is feeling stressed to speak to their G.P who will be able to help. They may even be able to point you in the direction of a Stress Support Group.

However, if your surgery has a long waiting list, or you are just feeling a bit overwhelmed with things, and need a bit of help now, then I can offer you a few hints and tips to deal with stress.

There are several reflexology points that you can work on your hands to help you relax, but there are 2 important ones. The Solar Plexus, and the Adrenal Glands. By putting pressure on these points and gently massaging them this can help you relax. Whilst placing pressure on these points make sure you are also supporting the hand you are massaging.

The blue marks on this picture are the points you need to massage.Excuse my giant hands!

Firstly the Solar Plexus, this point helps to calm and relax the whole nervous system.  Gently place pressure on the point with your thumb and massage it for a few minutes. This point is on both hands in the same place so you can do this on both hands.

The Adrenal Glands are also on both hands in the same place, Again, gently place pressure on the point with your thumb and massage it, before swapping hands.

Crystal Therapy
Certain crystals are said to help us to relieve stress. I have chosen Amber, Amethyst and Quartz, as they are readily available. These crystals can be used either by wearing them in jewellery, or carrying them with you. If you are not able to keep the crystal with you, then place it in a room in your house which should help create a relaxing space, and try to pick them up and hold them, when you are feeling very stressed, in fact you can combine holding them with the deep breathing exercise below.

Amber whilst not a crystal is a powerful grounding stone. Amber is a powerful healer, and cleanser. Amber helps to clear depression and promote positivity. As a cleanser Amber cleanses stress from your body and allows your body to re-balance.

Amethyst is a protective and spiritual stone. Amethyst was traditionally worn to prevent drunkenness, as it is known for having a sobering effect. Amethyst is good at balancing feelings, relieving stress and blocking negative energy. If you have problems sleeping keeping Amethyst in your bedroom (preferably under your pillow) can help bring restful sleep, although this can also give the user out of body experiences. Because of this, be aware that if you suffer from paranoia or schizophrenia then Amethyst is not recommended.

Quartz is a powerful healer and cleanser, clear Quartz is able to work on all levels and can be used to stimulate the immune system and balance the body, Quartz is excellent for easing stress as it cleanses the body, draws off negativity and stimulates an awareness of love.

Deep Breathing
Deep breathing is a good way of making you feel calmer and helping your body relax. The best way to learn to do this is to remember out for 11 in for 7. Remember breath through your nose and not your mouth.

Sit or lie down somewhere comfortably. Place a hand on your chest and one on your stomach. Inhale deeply and slowly as if you are breathing into your stomach, for a count of 7, you should feel your stomach rise under your hand. Exhale slowly, for a count of 11, and you will feel your stomach fall. Repeat this exercise 6 – 8 times.

If however you are not somewhere where you can sit or lie down, you can just practice inhaling for 7 and exhaling for 11, you should find that this helps you relax.

So there you have it a few simple tricks that should help you cope with stressful moments, if you have any further questions please comment below, or come and find me at

Finally a big thank you to Hannah for asking me to write the article!


  1. I loved this post it was so helpful and interesting! I do feel stressed a bunch and these are definitely some things I can do while sitting at my desk at work!

    1. Glad you liked the post. Hope they help you feel less stressed!

    2. Its a great post isn't it Amy! It helps me a lot x

  2. This is a really helpful post, i'm a stresser so I open to anything that could help me calm down and stop worrying all the time :) x

    1. Hi RoalieJayne, I am really bad at stressing to!! I love the breathing excercise xx

    2. The breathing exercise is an excellent one for stopping worrying especially if you concentrate on the counting when breathing in and out! x

  3. wow! a really great post, I feel chilled reading it! x x x ps Hello Hannah! x x x

  4. Its a real feel good one isnt it Sandra! xox

  5. Lovely post miss, very helpful for lots of us I think xx

    1. I loved it too!!! Thanks to Rox I feel more relaxed xx


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