Tuesday, 19 November 2013

RUDOLPH Fresh Face Mask by LUSH

Hey Everyone! So today I'm blogging about a little festive treat I happened to stumble across when shopping. Yes that's right, the Lush RUDOLPH fresh face mask! As sooooon as I seen it, I just had to have it! What more could you want in Winter than a cute face mask that looks like a reindeer? I have read mixed reviews about this mask but I'm a fan of masks from Lush so it won me over for being so cute looking! Lush describes this mask as:
Soothe and nourish your skin, with fresh cucumber, oatmeal and tofu. Scented with organic lavender oil, this calming mask will reduce redness and restore nutrients to your skin.

The mask itself, its very very thick and with being in the fridge quite a tough texture. I had to dig hard to get some out and the 'rudolph' nose was sliding everywhere (adding to the fun). As soon as the product was in my fingers, it started to soften to make it easier to apply. I'm not going to lie, the mask is pretty gunky, full of goodness though! It was abit tricky to apply without the grains in the mask falling everywhere but when it was applied, i felt full of freshness!
Lush face masks are usually smell really 'yummy' but not this one! It wasn't an unpleasant smell but it was a really 'organic' scent. I actually enjoyed smelling fresh for a change!
I kept the mask on for a good fifteen-twenty minutes to get the best out of it. I rinsed it out with warm water and it was actually really easy to come off!
My face felt like id been in the countryside! Super fresh and soft.
Would i recommend this? Why the hell not! Do it girls! Its limited edition and only available around winter/Christmas, so get it while you can!



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