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How I broke and snapped my spine. Part 1

Tuesday 24th July 2012.

I was in Greece, Kavos to be exact for the summer. Having the travelling experience of a lifetime, and shared an apartment with girls Id met at Greece. I was going out with a friend that morning who Id met, he was on holiday and we had hit it off. We hired a quad and went out of town to the most beautiful beach. I remember sat on the beach with my toes buried in the golden sand, watching the world go by and listening to only the sound of the waves. I remember the conversation we where having about life and our families and me saying 'From today, I am going to really live me life!'
We left the beach and decided to go to a water sports place on the water back in Kavos. It was a really hot day yet quite cloudy. We got all excited and decided to go para sailing. Unfortunately enough 'Philipos' the guy who owned the company told us it was too cloudy for that and showed us another trip. The trip was to the local caves and dolphin watching but by a super fast giant speedboat? We looked at each other and decided to go for it.
We where among about 18 other people and we where first taking a seat at the back of the boat only for a big group of friends to join us. I noticed they wouldn't all fit so i told them we would sit up front so they could sit together and they where so grateful.
The trip started, the boat was super face and we where crashing against the beautiful water giggling and having fun with the others. Then all of a sudden the waves came crashing towards us and our bodies where bouncing heavily up and down up and down. We started to smile nervously then there was screaming because we where starting to worry. People where shouting to slow down but the waves where crashing towards us that hard the driver had no chance. And that's when it happened...
I remember seeing this wave coming towards us and I gripped the side of the boat so hard that my knuckles where white and i closed my eyes. I felt my body get thrown into the air. It felt as though I was up floating for so long! Then i came crashing down onto my seat. My head flung forward into my chest. My heart was pounding and i was looking around the boat seeing every ones eyes on me. I looked down and gasped. I couldn't breath for pain. I don't know how, but i slid my body down onto the tiny boat deck and lay flat. I calmly told the friend (who id known for about four days) We had to turn back, id hurt myself and needed an ambulance. The boat stopped and i remember just looking at the sky. There was commotion and the driver came over. I tried to explain that i couldn't move for pain and id either broke my neck or really injured myself. 'No, no we cant stop the trip, we need to keep going'. I again sternly told him i needed an ambulance. There was lots of crying from the other travellers/holiday makers. I mainly remember looking up at the sky and thinking 'please, this can't be it'. My life was in the Lords hands. I focused on praying to the Lord. I could hear voices, shrieks, crying, but i just kept focusing on looking at the sky and praying...just praying.
He must have realised and seen the agony in my face. He told me we had to sail back to meet another boat halfway. The waves where horrendous but he'd promised to go slow. (slow on a speedboat? yeah, i didn't get it either. It felt so long that we were on the water for, every wave hurting me more than the last. I was gripped onto my friends hand. I wasn't crying. I was swearing with the pain, i feel embarrassed to what was coming out of my mouth. Again i just focused on God.
We finally met the other boat with four other men on it. They told me i would have to stand up and transfer onto the other boat. I laughed in their faces when they told me this. If i moved an inch, i was in the most pain id ever felt.
Plan 2. They brought what was called a 'stretcher' onto this tiny boat. It was basically a board with handles. They told me i would have to help get myself on this, baring in mind i was taking most of the width of the deck up with my body... I remember thinking to myself, this is gunna hurt, and probably do more damage to my back/neck than good but i have to do this. I remember biting into my arm. As i rolled onto my side with the help from the men. Even biting into my own arm didn't help. I let out this shriek of terror. Id never felt pain like this. I still didn't cry, i just screamed. Then i remember getting lifted up by the travelers and the boat men. All eyes where on me. They were all looking down with agonising faces. A few of the lads had tears in their eyes.
And still. I looked at the sky, praying to the Lord.

I was soon on the deck of another boat. This boat was small enough to go back to they jetty where the water sports was based. There was a crowd of people when i arrived there. The men lifted me up, again a bit down. It still didn't help the pain. They lowed me onto the deck of the jetty. I remember telling the guy i was with to ring Emma, the girl i was sharing an apartment with. I told him to leave me and go and pick her up on the quad wed hired. It felt like he'd gone for ages. In reality it was 10-15 minutes at most. While he was gone, Philipos was making phone calls to the hospital and a doctor. I remember his wife trying to feed my watermelon. That's when Emma turned up 'She doesn't even like watermelon!' She shouted. I was so relieved to see Emma that's when i cried. I told her how much pain i was in and she took charge asking when would the ambulance be here etc.

Then a doctor turned up. The first thing he asked me was did i have insurance? I said no. His face dropped. He decided to treat me anyway. He ran a hammer like tool along my body asking if i could feel it. Yes. He then told me could i wiggle my toes. Yes. He asked me how much pain i was in, i told him unbearable. Then he jabbed me with a needle. It must have knocked me out. Emma said id been out of it for 20 minutes...

It is hard for me to write my story, so I will do Part 2 in a few weeks.
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