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Happy December 1st! Anna guest blogs for deathbycoco xx

Make Your Day Sparkle!

What a way to start off December than with a post about glitter, sparkle and all things glamorous?! As the festive season gets into full swing, now is the time to invest in some seriously gorgeous and festive pieces to make your every day that little bit more magical. This time of year is always my favourite and so I thought I'd share with you some of my top tips and some amazing pieces that can be worked from day to night in a heartbeat.

We'll start with the outfit. No matter how fabulous your face looks, the look will not be complete without the right en semble.
Velvet is definitely a seasonal fabric (as long as you run your fingers up it the right way!) and I absolutely love this Boohoo dress - such a gorgeous oxblood colour and it's simple yet elegant. Definitely one to invest in!

For the shoes I'd suggest some statement heeled boots - you can never go amiss with a good pair. I recently bought this pair myself on Boohoo (they're currently in sale so get buying soon!) and I cannot explain how much I love them! - For £15 you seriously cannot go wrong. I particularly love the mirrored pewter heel, it adds a touch of glamour and I seriously love it!

Now for something seriously furry to keep you cosy, New Look have a fab array of faux-fur coats, I particularly like this one. As well as being practical, they really make an outfit complete I think! The colour of the fur also matches the pewter heel of the boots too!
White Pattern (White) White and Grey Faux Fur Jacket  | 286723119 | New Look

An outfit that is fit for work and party-ready - just team with a statement necklace and bangle! I find dresses, particularly like this one, are so workable too - chuck a cosy jumper over the top for a more laid back style, or vamp it up with a gorge up-do and killer heels. Likewise the boots are so comfy (trust me!) and are great for the office-run, but are also stylish enough to wear out too!
Now for the face. Christmas is about sparkle, and what better way to do that than with some seriously glittery shadow.
I love this Urban Decay shadow so much I actually have 2 single pots as well as having it in a palette! It's such a gorgeous shimmering champagne colour but with some serious flecks of glitter, that when built up, creates a dramatic yet girly eye - Add a gentle sweep over lids for work, build up for the post-work party! Because it's also not a too bolder colour, it also means that you can totally work a bold lip too (we'll get to that in a minute!) Midnight Cowboy, for me anyway, will be the one I'll be wearing this winter!

Now for that lippy! Now you've got our oxblood dress and those gorgeous glittering eyes, a matching dark lip stick is just what you need to take that outfit from day to night. Having just bought this myself, I can vouch for it. The Kardashian Beauty Honey Sticks are my saviour, I bought my latest one in Blackberry Honey the other day and I haven't take it off! The gloss keeps lips mega-moisturised and the pigment in the colour is that of a lipstick -not to mention is tastes amazing! It's also a long lasting gloss too so you don't need to constantly apply!

All you need now is a hint of blusher ( it's all about highlighting in the winter months!) and your favourite foundation - for those who need a bit of help, I have done a review and comparison of NARS vs Estee Lauder.
I've been on the search for highlighter perfection myself, and am still on my quest for perfection! But in the mean time, I've this one that I particularly love. It's creamy in texture and easy to blend and apply and has a pearlescent sheen with a hint pink to make it look that bit more natural. Apply to cheek bones, brow arches or even lids for a highlighted, radiant look.

And lastly, it's all about the nails. I recently bought two Rimmel ones and my opinion couldn't be more contrasting! The Star Dust collection I sadly really did not like, however the Precious Stones collection I am in LOVE with! Put the Diamond Dust shade of the Precious Stones collection on your next shopping list and you won't regret it! The glitter is the most amazing I've seen yet, and you only need 2 coats rather than the 4 or so I've found with other glitter shades! A perfect accessory with minimal hassle.

And there we have it!
For me winter and Christmas is about investing in key but workable and flexible pieces, ones that you can dress up as well as dressing down, that you can build for an intense colour or sweep for just a hint of colour. For me, all of these pieces are perfect for doing just that, and I own half of them myself! I also wanted to show that gorgeous and glamour don't always necessarily cost an arm and a leg - Boohoo and Boots offer some fantastic products so I also scour them before I hit the pricey shops and make up brands.
Hope you enjoyed and have a FABULOUS Christmas!

Lots of love, Anna at House of Bargain xox
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