Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Hey guys!
So I haven't blogged for a while as I've been jettsetting across Europe and into Budapest, for a cute city break with friends!!

I posted a previous blog about me only taking carry on luggage. Never again am i doing this! I had to take less clothes options than normal and i hattteeedddd not being able to play with my outfits as much! I also struggled with the limit on liquids as Lipstick actually gets put as a liquid and i had 6 different shades....Hey! a girl has to have options right? 

So for this post, I'm sharing a few of my best bits from my city break! 

I have never really heard much about Budapest so was soo intrigued when i got there. I must say, it is the most beautiful city i have ever been to.

The building are full of the most pretty carvings, full of flowers and painted to the highest of standards.

We where luckily to get front row tickets for the opening of Madam Butterfly at the Opera which words can not describe how powerful the performance is. The building itself was stunning!

I caught a picture of a guy dressed smart holding a single stem rose outside of the opera, waiting for his date. It was such a beautiful scene that touched my heart!

Markets Markets Markets!!

There where so many adorable market stalls that i wanted to buy one of everything i set my eyes on!
The market stalls where full of handmade gifts and crafts, jewellery, scarfs and food!
I bought the most prettiest of scarfs which i basically wore for the whole time i was there!
The local food that was being sold was also delicious! I actually put 2lb on from eating everything ooppss!

So there you have it! A small look on my favourite parts of Budapest! 
Have you ever been here or somewhere similar? Let me know! I love visiting new places!!! 

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