Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Avocado Oil & Walnut Exfoliating Face Masque

Hi Everyone!!
So as those who follow my blog, know that i love a good face mask! On my recent beauty splurge, I found a masque by Montagne Jeunesse, which is a face mask and exfoliator in one! 
The scent of this mask is amaazzinggg! It smells of Avocado and Walnuts! The actually bits in the mask that exfoliate your skin is walnut granules so all natural products! A bonus of this product is that it is dairy and gluten free, AND suitable for vegans! Which you don't get a lot of products with all three bonus' like these! 
Anyhow, back to the product. 
I usually like my masks quite thick but this one is rather thin and silky...


I used quite a lot over my face, covering it thoroughly, but like most masks by Montagne Jeunesse, I managed to just used half the sachet so i have an extra use out of it! I applied the mask with circle motions and already, I could feel the exfoliating granules working on my skin.

I relaxed with a book while leaving the mask to dry for 15 minutes. The smell is divine and i actually wanted to eat myself! But held back and went for a cup of tea instead...
15 Minutes later and WALA!

The mask has turned into such a pretty pearly sheen on my skin, making me feel like a pearly goddess! Okay, so i get carried away trying new products, but hey! Who doesn't? 
I took a shower to remove the mask and when doing so, I again used circle motions to take it off my skin. The mask turned into an amazing face scrub and made my skin feel so silky smooth after it! 
This is definitely on my 'must by again' list. For anyone looking to buy/try a new face mask/exfoliator, give this a go! You WONT be disappointed! 

You can buy this product from most drugstores and also on their website.  BUY HERE

RRP £0.70


  1. I'm a fan of these sachet masks - I can't be doing with the mega expensive brands - I just don't have the money! Not used this one before so I'll definitely get this! - The sheen looks gorgeous too - definitely a godess ;) Superdrug do some fab ones at the minute too - I've become a bit of a fan - they're 99p each and they do loads :) the also do a tea-tree peel-off mask which leaves me skin feeling incredible and zingy! (also 99p)

    Yay to cheap face masks!!!
    Fab review babe!

    1. I love how cheap this is and how amazing it works!!!
      I would say its on the LUSH quality standard!!
      I havnt tried the tea-tree one yet but like the sound of the Zingy feeling! xxx

  2. looks great! I bought a tube of Montagne Jeunesse and its lasted me so long, such a bargain.
    I love face masks! Lol


    1. oooo I havnt seen the tubes before!! Where do you purchase them?


  3. Loving the review, keep meaning to get a face mask and some hot chocolate so I can have a bit of a pamper day. Might have to try this one!

  4. I love these masks- for the money they work a treat! xxx

  5. I've used these masks for years and love feeling like I'm being pampered for less than a pound! Going to use one this weekend now I've read this :P

    Oh Hey Kayspray

    1. Do it! I always feel so fresh after a face mask! Let me know what one you use xxx


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