Saturday, 16 November 2013

A day in the life of....

Hey everyone! So I finally done a 'day in the life of' through photos yesterday! To be honest, it was harder than i expected! When i go out shopping i usually see so many cute things but don't usually have to be so snap happy with the camera at the same time! So i done my best of attempting my very first one...Here it is...

Okay, so who does look attractive when getting up first thing of the morning!

I haven't wore my hair down for so long, so i attempted to curl it....

Then got bored, and decided to put it up.

Makeup time! Okayy, so this isn't where i usually apply my makeup, but with the dark mornings, its the only place i get enough light!

Outfit time!!

And of course, a selfie!

I had to go the hospital this morning as I am having major Spinal surgery next week (i spend aloooottttt of time in hospital) So my morning consisted of waiting rooms, thumb pricks and blood tests...boringggggg.
Meet my Momma!!! 

I ended up going to Manchester City Center with my sister Michelle.

How beautiful is my sister please? She is also expecting her first baby boy in which i will refer to as Champ :)

We thought it would be a fun new change to shop in a different city than Liverpool. 
First stop was the Arndale Center which has your usual high street stores mixed with a few high end as well. The Christmas decorations where beautiful and the atmosphere was great! It seemed as though the whole of the UK was shopping today!

I managed to get a great bargain in Topshop! A statement necklace reduced from 16.00 to 2.50!! Loved it, i have never seen another like it to be honest! 

Next stop was Selfridges! Now like any other obsessed blogger, I just have to look round the designer section, thinking of what i would buy if i had millliioonnssss of pounds! They also had cute, chic decorations! I was on a moving escalator so the pictures on the best haha.

Finally, we had a huge mooch around the Christmas Markets! Now, i go to Manchester Christmas Markets every year and love love love them! Although this year, I was quite disappointed! A lot of the stalls where the same and mainly consisted of groups of men drinking boooo.

I did find a macaroon stall!! MMMMMMM

When i finally got home, i had snuggles and watched TV with my two nieces, E & H.

Then we had a 'makeup night' of painting nails, watching beauty tutorials and eating sweets! 

And finally, sleep! Which, being in-between two wrigglers, you can imagine how much sleep i managed to get...

Well there you have it, a day in the life of death by coco. I hope you enjoyed/laughed at a little insight of my day and i would love to read about yours! 


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