Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to remove shellac/acrylic nails, without an expensive visit to the salon!

 How to remove shellac/acrylic nails, without an expensive visit to the salon! 

Hey Everyone! 

So, no matter what, I allllwayssss have either shellac or acrylic on my nails! I suck at doing my own and find they look so much better done by someone else!
I have had acrylics on for about two months now and decided i wanted to go back to natural nails with shellac on. I hate the expense of going to a salon to get acrylic/shellac removed so decided to share my little routine, of home removal!


On my nails here, i have acrylic with shellac colour on top. However i got bored with the colour and painted over the shellac with nail polish....I know, alot of product right? But this little method got rid of everything in 60 minutes! 

Firstly, i bought this 'pure acetone from Home Bargain for 99 pence! 
I made sure i had an old towel to protect surfaces form any spillage. You also need a metal/glass/ceramic bowl pro the acetone to go in, as it melts plastic! 
I put enough acetone in the bowl so that it covered my nails when dipping my hand in. Then you relax, watch TV and wait for the magic to happen!

Within 5 minutes, the normal nail polish off and after 10 minutes the shellac started to peel off! See below.


This is my result after 30 minutes....
after 40 minutes...

and after 60 minutes all the nail polish, shellac and acrylic was completely off! 


As I'm getting shellac put on my nails next week, I thought i would put a strengthener on my nails and just a colour to tide me through.

And there you have it! A cheap an easy way to get rid of shellac/acetone to at home! Plus, my nails where in great condition doing it this way! 

Products used:

Artificial Nail & Tip Remover-Classics
Sally Hanson-Hard as nails
OPI-That's an 'el' or a color
Barry M-Base coat, topcoat & hardener 'all in one' in 54 Clear

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