Sunday, 13 October 2013

Browzings by Benefit

Hi Dolls!!! 

So, with being a doll from Liverpool, of course i loveeee my brows dark and full! However, i suffer with 'baldy' patches haha. I usually use brown pencil to fill them in but i got my makeup done by Benefit this weekend and they used this fabulous little kit. I fell in love with it straight away and had to buy it and is now my must have for any brows! The kit comes in three shades to suit your eyebrow colour.
Whats in the kit? 

pigmented wax for shaping
natural-shaded powder for setting
discreet tweezers
hard angle brush
blending brush
complete lesson
RRP 23.50

I used the tweezers first, getting away with any strays. I then used the wax to shape my brows. Then blended the powder to fill in the rest. Here are my results. 

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