Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Autumn Tag

Hi everyone!

I got asked to complete this Autumn tag by the beautiful BellaEllaLife and thought it would be a change to my 'usual' blog type!

Favourite thing about Autumn?

Fall has to be my FAVOURITE season! I love the leaves falling from the trees and and crunchy when i walk. I love all the pumpkins and have still YET to find a pumpkin patch near Liverpool! I also love all the Fall colours!

Favourite drink?

I am a HUGGGEEE coffee drinker so love it when Autumn comes around because it means Pumpkin flavoured drinks yay!

Favourite scent?
At the moment I'm wearing Miss Dior-blooming bouquet but i am still unsure to whether i like it or not!

Best lipstick?
I have started to wear more and more lipsticks and am currently loving the MUA range! I have never attempted a burgundy/berry colour before however it looks so cute i may have to try one!

Go to moisturiser?
I have recently purchased Neutrogena Multi- Defence for my face. I found out about this from BellaEllaLife and it really is a must have! On everywhere else i use Soap & Glory's Righteous Body Butter.

Go to colours for the eyes?
I'm looking a pallet i have from number 7! It has an array of creams/dusky pinks and browns and is super cute! I tend to blend three/four colours when doing my eyes!

Favourite Band/ Singer to listen to?

Taylor Swift. No matter what mood i am in, there is nothing better than whacking a record of Ms.Swift on! 'Speak Now' and 'Dear John', being two of my faves!

Favourite outfit to wear?

I am lovvvvving wearing my leather jacket at the moment as it can complete any look and turn a boring outfit very chique! 

Autumn treat?
Again anything with pumpkin in it and the odd dash of caramel!

Favourite place to be?

In colder times, i love to be in cute coffee houses with my book!
So there you have it! My Autumn Tag! Hope you all enjoyed this quick read and i cant wait to check out yours!

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